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Don’t Rush to AI and ML Without a Governance Framework
Ethical Principles Must Undergird AI
AI and ML
SEC Cybersecurity Regulations



IDMA 2023 Annual Conference Philadelphia
Special Masters Class Actions and MDLs

Special Masters in Class Actions: How to Utilize Them

Daniel Garrie will join Judge Leo Gordon, Jennifer Hoekstra, Judge Cynthia Rufe, and Judge Gail Andler to discuss effectively using Special Masters in MDLs at Epiq's Mass and Class Summit.
Legal Security for ICS

Two Sides to the Same Coin: Legal Security for ICS

Daniel Garrie will speak at a seminar providing legal language and scenarios for representation and warranties in contracts for ICS owners, operators, and vendors.
NFTs and Smart Contracts in Entertainment


Make an image using FTK forensic toolkit
Make an image using FTK forensic toolkit
State of Malware in 2021

State of Malware in 2021

State of Malware in 2021