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About Law & Forensics

Law and Forensics is a strategic forensic engineering, cyber security, and e-discovery organization with a global presence. Our firm assists clients with sensitive and complex electronic discovery, information governance, computer forensics, information security, and privacy issues. With a strong record for getting results, reducing costs, mitigating legal risks, and delivering value. Law and Forensics’ team members serve as forensic engineers solving some of the most complex forensic driven problems and situations worldwide. In addition, Law and Forensics’ team has resolved some of the most complex cyber incidents to date, served as testifying expert witnesses in hundreds of cases, been appointed as forensic neutrals and special masters in many cases all over the globe.

Law and Forensics’ is renowned for our forensic, cybersecurity, and eDiscovery services including the following: social media forensics, cloud forensics, mobile device forensics, cybersecurity assessments, incident response, crypto currency recovery, Apple and PC forensics, and cybersecurity tabletops. In addition, Law and Forensics has compelling cloud and Web 3.0 forensic and cybersecurity solutions including tabletop.ai (cybersecurity risk assessment platform) and custodytrack.io (Web 3.0 chain of custody platform). Law and Forensics team members are also associated with the Journal of Law & Cyberwarfare, Legal Cyber Academy, Rutgers School of Law, and Harvard University.

1.23k Cases

solved to date

10.4k Computers

forensically analyzed

3.9k Mobile Devices

collected, scanned, and analyzed

54.1k Mailboxes

collected, analyzed, and searched by L&F

3.9k Social Media Accounts

collected, analyzed, and searched

597 Expert and Rebuttal Reports


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