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As digital devices become more prevalent, the need for mobile device forensics grows in law enforcement and corporate investigations. At Law & Forensics, our team of seasoned experts utilizes the latest tools and technology to deliver comprehensive forensic services tailored to each client’s unique needs. With years of experience in the field, we are prepared to help you uncover crucial evidence from various mobile devices, ensuring success in your investigation.

Mobile Device Data Extraction

Our mobile device data extraction services offer the most advanced tools and techniques to recover critical information from various mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and wearables. With our extensive expertise, we can handle any device, regardless of the operating system or level of encryption. Our team is trained in utilizing tools such as Cellebrite UFED, Oxygen Forensic Suite, and XRY, ensuring a thorough and efficient extraction process.

Client Success Story

  • Problem: A large corporation faced potential litigation due to a former employee’s theft of intellectual property. The employee’s mobile device contained vital evidence, but the data was encrypted and inaccessible. 
  • Action: Law & Forensics utilized the Cellebrite UFED tool to bypass the encryption and extract the necessary data from the mobile device.
  • Result: Our successful data extraction led to the recovery of critical evidence, allowing the corporation to resolve the case with minimal financial impact and avoid costly litigation.

Mobile Device Malware Analysis

Law & Forensics’ mobile device malware analysis services specialize in identifying and analyzing malicious software present on mobile devices, with years of experience and the latest tools such as IDA Pro, OllyDbg, and Ghidra. Our team can dissect and understand malware’s behavior, allowing us to provide valuable insights and recommendations for remediation.

Client Success Story

  • Problem: A financial institution discovered malware on their employees’ mobile devices, compromising sensitive customer information and potentially leading to significant financial losses.
  • Action: Law & Forensics conducted a thorough malware analysis, revealing its origin and how it spread through the devices.  
  • Result: With our comprehensive analysis, the financial institution was able to implement security measures to prevent further data breaches. This saved the company millions in potential losses and maintained its reputation in the industry.

Mobile Device Incident Response

Our mobile device incident response services provide rapid and effective solutions for clients facing urgent digital forensics issues. Our team leverages state-of-the-art tools like EnCase, FTK, and Magnet AXIOM, allowing our team to quickly analyze and respond to mobile device incidents, helping clients mitigate risks and minimize damage.

Client Success Story

  • Problem: A healthcare organization suffered a data breach involving the unauthorized access of patients’ confidential records through an employee’s mobile device.
  • Action: Law & Forensics deployed an incident response team that utilized EnCase to investigate the breach, identifying the source of unauthorized access and providing actionable recommendations.
  • Result: Our swift intervention and expert analysis allowed the healthcare organization to secure its systems, prevent further data leaks, and maintain patient trust. This was done all while avoiding regulatory fines and penalties.

At Law & Forensics, our mobile device forensics services are designed to provide clients with the most effective solutions for their digital investigation needs. With our extensive experience and cutting-edge tools, we are confident in our ability to deliver unmatched results and ensure our clients’ success. Contact us today to learn more about how our mobile device forensics services can support your organization.

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