Legal Ethics for Digital Technology
Understanding Your Cyber Insurance Policy and How Much It Can Cost
Court Perspective on e-Discovery and ESI
Moderated Live--Ransomware in 2018: What is Ransomware, What are the Legal Risks, and What Organizations Have Been Impacted?
Strategies for Securing Your Law Firm As Required By The ABA
Best Practices in e-Discovery: Let the Rules Guide You
Cyber Insurance: Understanding Coverage Options for Cyber Threats
Survey of Patent Law Developments
Strategies for Mediating Your e-Discovery Dispute
Review of Alternative Dispute Resolution Case Law in 2018
Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA): Why Counsel Should Consider Arbitration as a Solution to Defending Claims
Strategies for Managing Data Governance and Information Risk
The State of E-Discovery in 2018: Analysis & Review
Confronting the Threat - Sharing Information and Staying Ahead of the Criminals
HIPAA Compliance -- Learn How to Prevent the Next Ransomware Attack
Optimizing e-Discovery with Arbitration
Cybersecurity: Survey of the current state of Cybersecurity Litigation and Recommendations on How to Protect Yourself and Your Clients from Being Hacked
DFS Regulations: Mitigate the Threats Facing Your Client and Your Firm Through Regulatory Compliance
Cybersecurity and Privacy: The Risk and Regulatory Evolution in Financial Services
Ethics and E-Discovery: What You Don't Know Will Hurt You and Your Client
E-Discovery: Understanding the Cloud and its Impact on eDiscovery Litigation Issues
Cyber Insurance for Law Firms: Understanding the Cyber Risk Policy and Key Considerations for Law Firm Policy Holders
Cybersecurity: Latest Legal Developments Around Cybersecurity Attacks and Data Breaches in Healthcare Sector
e-Discovery: Arbitration in a Digital World
Cybersecurity: Deep Dive into the SEC New Regulations— What Lawyers Need to Know for their Clients and for the Board
Cybersecurity: Cyber Attacks Against Nations— Threats, Challenges, and Regulations Confronting the Private Sector
Asymmetric Cyberwarfare
International Electronic Discovery

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