Moderated Live--Ransomware in 2018: What is Ransomware, What are the Legal Risks, and What Organizations Have Been Impacted?

Format: On Demand
Duration: 1 Hour 0 Minutes

About This Webinar

This live and recorded web based CLE will offer attendees an overview of ransomware in 2018 and how it has become the tool of choice for online blackmail and extortion by cybercriminals. Speakers will discuss proven strategies to harden your computer systems and to minimize the risks to your firm and to your client’s information. Panelists will also discuss what steps to take should you fall victim to a cyberattack. Cyptolocker, Wannacry, and Petya are just a few of the most recent ransomware attacks around the world. Large and small corporations alike are subjected to these attacks on a daily basis; law firms are no exception. With proper planning and consistent vigilance, you will lessen your risk of becoming a victim.

This course is brought to you by the Global Cyber Institute and Thomson Reuters and it is national accredited (get CLE in all 50 states).

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