Law & Forensics has created Git Artifacts for Magnet Axiom, now available through the Artifact Exchange!

February 17, 2023

Magnet AXIOM is a digital forensics solution that helps Law Enforcement recover, process & analyzes evidence-related data from computers, cloud, and mobile devices on a unified interface. Law & Forensics has created artifacts for analyzing Git data with Magnet Axiom forensic software, now available on the Magnet Artifact Exchange! The Artifact Exchange is a website run by Magnet Forensics for customers to share artifacts they have made for the Magnet Axiom forensic software.

The Git Artifacts for Magnet Axiom consist of four artifact types for computer evidence containing Git directories for Git source control.

  • Git Blob Objects
  • Git Commit Objects
  • Git Logs
  • Git Tree Object Entries

This project was completed by Daniel B. Garrie, Dean Corn, and Alexey Kouzmitch.

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