Contract Analysis

Format: On Demand
Duration: 1 Hour 4 Minutes

About This Webinar

This recorded CLE webinar will review “force majeure” (literally translated to “superior force”) clauses within contracts, which are often considered boilerplate and not the subject of focused scrutiny during contract negotiation. However, force majeure may now become the lynchpin in businesses’ decision-making processes regarding how to address issues due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This course is brought to you by the Global Cyber Institute and Thomson Reuters and is nationally accredited (get CLE in all 50 states).

Topics that will be discussed:

  1. Force Majeure Provisions
  2. Mitigation and Notice
  3. Considerations for Your Business

Who should attend?

  • Lawyers
  • Insurance executives
  • In-house counsel
  • Business executives
  • Privacy attorneys


Attending the webinar

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