Cracking the (Digital) Case: Digital Forensics for Lawyers


About This Webinar

Today cybersecurity threats have become ubiquitous in business operations and daily life, and many now know to take some degree of precaution against phishing emails and public Wi-Fi networks. Yet despite increasing cybersecurity hygiene standards, cyber-attacks still occur every day, resulting in networks being breached, information being stolen, or systems being disrupted. Following such cyber events, determining what and how information was accessed is an integral part of legal cases. Digital forensics is the method used to conduct such technical investigations. Yet its capabilities are not limited to cyber events, as it can help support intellectual property cases, eDiscovery, criminal defense, or even data management disputes. This webinar provides attorneys litigating in this digital age an understanding of digital and computer forensics, which can support them in better communicating with experts, understanding the evidence, and protecting their clients’ interests.

In this seminar, our expert panelists begin by providing an overview of digital forensics, focusing on computer forensics in particular, Next, our speakers highlight the importance of computer forensics today in the face of the current cybersecurity threat landscape. The computer forensics process is then broken down into its key phases, preservation, collection, examination, analysis, and reporting. Our experts then focus on digital forensics reports, what they include, and their structure. Finally, our speakers discuss some notable cases that were solved through the use of digital forensics and conclude by revealing the key elements to keep in mind when interacting with forensics experts and their work.

Topics covered in this webinar:   

  1. Overview of Computer Forensics
  2. Importance of Computer Forensics
  3. Computer Forensics Process
  4. Digital Forensics Report
  5. Significant Cases Solved by Digital Forensics
  6. Key Takeaways


  • Daniel B. Garrie, Esq.
    • Founder, Law & Forensics
    • Neutral, JAMS
    • Faculty, Harvard University
  • J-Michael Roberts
    • Digital Forensics Consultant & Expert Witness, Corvus Forensics

Attending the webinar

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