Best Practices to Limit an Organization’s Ransomware Risks from a Legal Perspective


About This Webinar

Today, cybersecurity risk management requires not only technical preparation, but also legal and strategic planning. Organizations must take a proactive approach that establishes clear and robust policies and procedures in response to these threats. This includes, among other critical factors, defining the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders during a ransomware event, as well as ensuring compliance with relevant data protection and cyber incident laws. Today regulators are increasingly scrutinizing organizations for their cyber risk management practices, while cyber threat actors continue to target businesses for ransomware attacks, holding sensitive customer data or intellectual property hostage. Attorneys advising corporations of all sizes today will find this webinar a helpful guide in advising leadership, defining key risk management policies, and reducing their organization’s ransomware risk.

In this seminar, our expert panelists begin by providing an overview of ransomware and how it is used to conduct cyber-attacks, as well as an overview of the threat landscape and what information attackers seek and target. Next, our speakers give a brief overview of the technical risk management practices to implement against the threat of ransomware, followed by a deep dive into the non-technical strategies to follow. Among them are conducting cyber risk assessments, adhering to regulatory cybersecurity standards by adjusting corporate policies, and adequately purchasing cyber insurance coverage. Our experts conclude by highlighting the key strategies and practices to mitigate the threat of ransomware from the top down.

Topics covered in this webinar:   

  1. Overview of the Ransomware Risk
  2. Primer of the Technical Considerations
  3. Non-Technical Considerations from a Legal Perspective
  4. Key Strategies to Mitigate the Threat of Ransomware


  • Daniel B. Garrie, Esq.
    • Founder, Law & Forensics
    • Neutral, JAMS
    • Faculty, Harvard University
  • Shraddha Patil
    • Director of Product Management, Palo Alto Networks
  • Chris Campbell
    • Senior Vice President, CISO, Head of Technology, Bitsight
  • James Blair
    • CISO, Group Manager Technology, Todd Corporation
  • Kurt Sanger
    • Director, Integrated Cybersecurity Partners, LLC

Attending the webinar

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