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Law & Forensics has created Git Artifacts for Magnet Axiom

Magnet AXIOM is a digital forensics solution that helps Law Enforcement recover, process & analyzes evidence-related data from computers, cloud, and mobile devices on a unified interface. Law & Forensics has created artifacts for analyzing Git data with Magnet Axiom forensic software, now available on the Magnet Artifact Exchange! The Artifact Exchange is a website run by Magnet Forensics for customers to share artifacts they have made for the Magnet Axiom forensic software.

Using ADR in Family Law Cases Involving Digital Assets

Of all the types of legal cases, family law cases are often the most complex. “They’re like a pie, and there are different slices,” explains JAMS neutral Hon. Lorna A. Alksne (Ret.). “There’s child custody, there’s child support, there’s property, there’s debt.” Family law cases are also among the most urgent, with the lives of both disputing parties—and, more importantly, any children they might share—hanging in the balance until a resolution is reached. Finally, family law cases are emotional. They involve the dissolution of a marriage—of a family—and that’s always fraught.

Two Sides to the Same Coin: Legal Security for ICS

This seminar will provide attendees with legal language, and scenarios demonstrating why and when such language is appropriate/necessary, and offer “war stories.” The discussion will provide context to contract language regarding representation and warranties – security controls and ICS, incident notification language for ICS owners, operators, and vendors that should be inserted in agreements/contracts, and cybersecurity insurance coverage language in agreements (vendor/owners/operators) – use and deployment of ICS.

New York Department of Financial Services Proposed Amendments to Cybersecurity Regulation: What it Means for Covered Entities

On November 9, 2022, the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) issued a proposed second amendment to its 2017 Cybersecurity Regulation 23 NYCRR 500 (“Proposed Amendments”). The publication of these Proposed Amendments comes in the wake of a buzz-worthy pre-proposal comment period, where the NYDFS considered the comments received in response to the pre-proposed amendments. The 60-day public comment period for the Proposed Amendments will end on January 9, 2023.

To Catch a Trade Secret Thief With Forensic Neutrals

Remediating the theft of a trade secret can be likened to a dried red wine stain on your favorite white shirt. While the stain is readily visible, removing the stain and restoring the shirt to its original condition is difficult, and sometimes impossible. Similarly, discovering the theft of a trade secret does not solve the underlying business issues created by the theft. Those business issues require the organization to identify the bad actor who stole its trade secret and then ensure all evidence of the trade secret is removed from the thief’s possession.