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Here’s Why Your Employer May Monitor Your Personal Files On Company Devices

August 6, 2020

By Daniel B. Garrie

It is generally well-known that individuals have a significantly lower expectation of privacy with regard to anything done at or for work than they do with things at home or in their personal lives.

Similarly, it’s understood that the expectation of privacy with regard to company-owned or provided devices (CPD) is much lower than the expectation of privacy associated with personal devices. In fact, when individuals use a CPD, they inherently waive any expectation of privacy associated with such a device. Employees should be mindful of the fact that the company, by commonly accepted governance standards, is mandated to be monitoring and accessing all information on CPDs.

Businesses operating in the financial services industry (i.e., investment advisers, broker-dealers) have specific legal obligations to monitor, and even report, employee activities.

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