Cybersecurity Tabletop Services

Strengthen Your Organization's Cybersecurity Preparedness with Comprehensive Tabletop Exercises

Organizations must be prepared to face and mitigate cybersecurity threats in today’s increasingly interconnected world. Law & Forensics specializes in delivering tailored cybersecurity tabletop exercises designed to assess and improve your organization’s readiness to handle a range of cyber incidents. Our simulations bring together senior business leaders, lawyers, and CISOs from public, private, and non-profit organizations to test and refine their incident response plans and strategies. 

Our suite of cybersecurity tabletop services includes: 

Incident Response Tabletop Exercises

Law & Forensics designs and facilitates customized incident response tabletop exercises to test your organization’s ability to detect, respond, and recover from cyber threats. Our simulations help identify gaps in your response plan, improve stakeholder communication, and enhance cybersecurity preparedness. 

Sample Client Engagement

  • Problem: A large private organization’s senior business leaders were concerned about their ability to respond effectively to a data breach. 
  • Action: Law & Forensics conducted a tailored incident response tabletop exercise, simulating a data breach and guiding participants through the response process. 
  • Result: Following the exercise, the organization refined its incident response plan and improved communication among stakeholders, resulting in a more efficient and effective response to potential cyber incidents. 

Regulatory Compliance Tabletop Exercises

Our regulatory compliance tabletop exercises evaluate your organization’s ability to adhere to applicable cybersecurity regulations and guidelines. These exercises help ensure your organization meets legal and regulatory requirements while maintaining a strong security posture.  

Sample Client Engagement

  • Problem: A CISO at a non-profit organization faced challenges in complying with stringent cybersecurity regulations and guidelines. 
  • Action: Law & Forensics facilitated a regulatory compliance tabletop exercise, testing the organization’s ability to meet compliance requirements during a simulated cyber incident. 
  • Result: The exercise helped the organization identify areas of non-compliance, leading to adjustments in its policies and procedures to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance. 

Crisis Management Tabletop Exercises

Our crisis management tabletop exercises simulate high-pressure cyber incidents, testing your organization’s ability to make critical decisions and communicate effectively under stress. These exercises help strengthen your organization’s crisis management capabilities and ensure a coordinated response to cyber threats. 

Sample Client Engagement

  • Problem: A public organization’s legal team was concerned about its ability to manage a crisis resulting from a cyber attack that could impact public services. 
  • Action: Law & Forensics conducted a crisis management tabletop exercise, simulating a severe cyber attack and guiding participants through the decision-making and communication processes. 
  • Result: Following the exercise, the organization improved its crisis management strategy and communication protocols, enhancing its preparedness for potential cyber attacks affecting public services. 

Trust Law & Forensics for your organization's cybersecurity tabletop needs. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing comprehensive tabletop services that test and improve your organization's ability to handle cyber incidents effectively. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your organization strengthen its cybersecurity preparedness.

Strengthen your response strategy with cybersecurity tabletop exercises

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At Law & Forensics, we understand that the success of your cybersecurity efforts depends on more than just technology and processes. It requires a deep understanding of the legal and regulatory landscape and a commitment to delivering exceptional client service.

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