Legal Issues to Consider at the Board Level: Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

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We are excited to present the course “Legal Issues to Consider at the Board Level: Cybersecurity and Data Privacy” offered by Legal Cyber Academy. This comprehensive program breaks down the core elements of cyber risk landscapes, data breaches, and cyber threats, and how they are assessed. Join us as we delve into the intersection of cybersecurity, data privacy, and board-level decision-making, equipping you with the knowledge necessary to navigate this evolving landscape.

Course Highlights

Understanding Cyber Risk Fundamentals: Delve into the essential components of cyber risks, including data breaches and cyber threats. Understand the methodologies employed to evaluate these risks and comprehend their effects on organizations of different sizes.

Board’s Duties in Cybersecurity: Understand how cybersecurity falls into a board’s duties. Gain insights into complying with fiduciary and regulatory requirements and learn the questions the board should ask about cyber risk management preparedness.

Regulatory Requirements and Best Practices: Delve into the regulatory requirements for boards in terms of cybersecurity. Discover best practices for attorneys advising corporate boards and understand the role of advising the board on cybersecurity.

Real World Application: Cybersecurity and Data Privacy: Discover real-world applications of cybersecurity and data privacy at the board level. Understand how technology executives and board members can complete their picture of risk management.

Leveraging Cybersecurity Regulatory Requirements: Learn how to leverage cybersecurity regulatory requirements to be better protected and more trusted than competitors. Understand the key action points boards should prioritize.requirementsrequirement

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