Secured Health: Cyber Guidelines on Medical Devices Explained

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We are excited to present the course “Secured Health: Cyber Guidelines on Medical Devices Explained” offered by Legal Cyber Academy. This in-depth program explains the key aspects of cybersecurity in medical devices, offering insights into guidelines and best practices. Join us as we delve into the connection between healthcare, technology, and cybersecurity, arming you with the essential knowledge to navigate this specialized domain.

Course Highlights

Introduction to Healthcare Cybersecurity: Grasp the foundational concepts of cybersecurity within the healthcare sector. Explore the rapid technological advancements in medicine, and understand the multifaceted reasons that make healthcare an attractive and frequent target for cyber threats.

Medical Device Vulnerabilities: Dive deep into the intricate world of medical devices, categorizing them based on their functions and potential risks. Understand the specific cyber vulnerabilities associated with each type, and the real-world implications of these vulnerabilities being exploited.

Regulatory Landscape: Navigate the evolving regulatory framework surrounding medical device cybersecurity. Gain comprehensive insights into recent additions such as the FD&C Amendment Section 524B, and delve into the FDA’s detailed guidance on “Cybersecurity in Medical Devices,” understanding its implications and recommendations.

Cybersecurity Recommendations for Manufacturers: Equip yourself with practical and actionable advice tailored for manufacturers. Learn how to seamlessly incorporate robust cybersecurity measures into device design and production. Emphasize the significance of continuous monitoring and updating of these medical devices to stay ahead of potential threats and ensure patient safety.

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