Hardware + Software for Zero Day Hacks

Law & Forensics is pleased to announce the release of our proprietary hardware and software solution, Forensic Scan.™

Forensic Scan is an all in one solution for detection of zero-day exploits, cyber intrusions, and a host of malware and viruses.  In addition to detection of a number of cyber security issues, Forensic Scan provides users with the ability to cut the inspection time by 90% and reduce the cost by 75% saving you precious time and money. Not only does our scanning solution scan all valid files, it also recovers deleted files and scans them also for all known infections. 

Our experiences have identified that many infected systems have been sanitized by the hacker groups in an attempt to cover their tracks, resulting it hundreds of infected file fragments being left in deleted space.  In some cases establishing that hackers have taken embedded ownership of a box can only be established by the infected status of deleted files.

Product Features:

  • Systems suspected of being compromised never leave the premises, instead encrypted forensic images of the hard drives are created and shipped to Forensic Scan for analysis.
  • Upon arrival the forensic image is analyzed and deleted files are recovered for further analysis.
  • The content of the forensic images and recovered files are scanned simultaneously by 40+ different malware engines.
  • A malware scan using 40+ different malware engines takes approximately four hours.
  • No stone is left unturned in an attempt to document which files may have been or are infected.
  • Formal reports are generated detailing which malware engines did and did not detect known infections.

For our current or perspective clients, we offer Forensic Scan as a standalone solution to a number of cyber security issues. For more information please contact us directly at 1-855-529-2466, or at info@lawandforensics.com.