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The ‘Soft Power’ War ISIS Doesn’t Want

December 2, 2015

By Daniel Garrie, David Lawrence, Farah Pandith, Frances Townsend, Curtis Hougland, Tim Murphy, John Squires & Matthew Lawrence 

Again, we stand in shock, but not in real surprise. It takes careful planning to inflict indiscriminate violence and bloodshed upon the world — and the confusion, fear and anger that follows.

It also involved the skillful use of technology and social media.

The recent attacks in Paris brought mass casualties, terror on the streets, worldwide outrage, and pledges to be “merciless” and “pitiless” against the “barbarians of the Islamic State.” For the foreseeable future, the world must remain on high alert.

Unfortunately, this is all according to ISIS’s game plan.

In equal and symbiotic parts, theirs is an armed and ideological strategy. It is designed to maim the world into divisiveness and hatred, and cause us to lay down our most sustainable weapons — freedom, tolerance and mutual trust. Often, we alienate precisely the communities we need to reach.

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