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The Founder of a Cyberwar Journal Talks About Ukraine (and More)

April, 2022

By David Hechler

Cyberwar Journal Talks About Ukraine

Daniel Garrie is an unusual lawyer. Or maybe I should say that Daniel Garrie is an unusual tech entrepreneur. Or JAMS mediator. Or journal editor. Or… You get the idea. He has a multifarious background and career, which is uncommon in the worlds of law and cybersecurity. That was one reason he was a good person to interview right now. The other was that the publication he founded is called the “Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare.”

When I contacted him in mid-February to arrange a conversation, neither one of us could have known that the topic would be on everyone’s front burner a month later. But I had a few questions, and he had lots of answers—not limited to the main topic. In addition to editing the journal, which usually comes out biannually, he teaches and writes on this subject. And there were widespread expectations that Vladimir Putin had a detailed lesson plan he was about to unveil in Ukraine and beyond (though many observers, as of this writing, have been surprised that the cyberattacks tentatively attributed to Russia have not been more numerous and effective).

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