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We are excited to present the course “Intro to Technology for Lawyers” offered by Legal Cyber Academy. This comprehensive program will break down the fundamentals of computer and legal technologies while providing valuable insights into the digital forensic process. Join us as we explore computer hardware, software, programming, digital forensics, social media evidence, and legal ethics. As technology advances, lawyers must embrace and leverage technological solutions in their day-to-day activities and casework. This course will equip you with the necessary knowledge to navigate the intersection of technology and the legal sector.

Course Highlights

Introduction to Computer Hardware, Software, and Programming: Explore the foundational aspects of computer hardware, software, and programming. Develop a comprehensive understanding of the components that drive technology and their role in legal practice. Gain insights into the technical aspects necessary to effectively utilize technology in your work.

Attorneys Guide to Digital Forensics: Discover the essential principles and techniques of digital forensics tailored explicitly for attorneys. Learn how to navigate the intricacies of investigating digital incidents, tracing the sources of cyber attacks, and gathering digital evidence. Acquire the skills necessary to leverage digital forensics in legal cases effectively.

Facing Technology: Legal Ethics Developments: Stay current with the significant legal ethics developments in technology. Understand the ethical challenges and considerations when integrating technology into legal practice. Explore best practices for maintaining ethical standards and ensuring the responsible use of technology in the legal profession.

A Guide for Lawyers on Authenticating Social Media Evidence: Master the art of authenticating social media evidence, which holds increasing relevance in legal proceedings. Gain practical guidance on verifying the authenticity of social media content and utilizing it effectively as evidence. Explore the legal implications and challenges associated with social media evidence.

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By enrolling in the “Intro to Technology for Lawyers” course offered by Legal Cyber Academy, you will understand the key areas where technology intersects with the legal profession. Whether you are a lawyer seeking to enhance your technical knowledge, part of a technology team within a law firm, or simply interested in the evolving legal technology landscape, this course provides the essential knowledge and skills to thrive in a technology-driven legal environment. Stay informed, stay ahead, and leverage technology effectively in your legal practice.