Our firm has a proven track record of solving complex problems at the convergence of technology and the law in a legally defensible, technically sound, and cost effective fashion with operations in Delaware, Los Angeles, Melbourne, New York, Seattle, São Paulo, and Beijing.

We have a rich history of working with clients, whether law firms, corporate organizations or government agencies, to  bridge information and communication gaps between technologists and legal professionals. Our team has more than 150 years of combined experience with electronic information management , cyber security, forensics, cyber warfare, and E-Discovery solutions.

Law & Forensics’ experience in cyber security, digital forensics, and e-discovery is unique in the industry. Some examples of the many unique work experiences our team brings are as follows:

  • Training U.S. Secret Service, FBI, and law enforcement officials about computer crime at its first appearance;
  • Serving as an E-Discovery Special Master in a dispute that involved hundreds of millions of dollars;
  • Delivering enterprise E-Discovery and records management solutions for the U.S. Department of Justice and other government agencies;
  • Providing cyber security services to two Olympics;
  • Conducting 1000+ digital forensic investigations, on  servers, SANs, PDAs, cell phones, blackberries, smartphones, tablets, Xboxes, laptops, and many other devices;
  • Testifying in hundreds of civil and criminal disputes as either forensics or E-Discovery experts;
  • Providing E-Discovery, cyber security and digital forensics services to more than 30% of the Am Law 100 firms, multiple government agencies, multiple global investment banks, and over two dozen Fortune 500 companies  in the United States and abroad.

Our team has published more than 100 articles in law and technical publications and our articles have been cited by various Federal and State courts: ARRIVALSTAR v. US, No. 11-784C (Fed. Cl. Aug. 20, 2012) and US v. Briggs, No. 10CR184S (W.D.N.Y. Sept. 8, 2011). Our team has also been cited in Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, the Daily Journal, and Wired Magazine on cyber security, E-Discovery, and digital forensics issues.

Law & Forensics also works with Alternative Resolution Center, CPR, AAA, and other dispute resolution companies to mediate discovery disputes, and has provided team members to serve as a court appointed Special Master, forensic neutral, e-discovery liaison, and discovery referee.