Sarah Haines

Chief Operating Officer


B.S., New York University

M.S., Columbia University

BBA, University of Wisconsin

Sarah Haines is the Chief Operating Officer. Sarah is responsible for the organizational and strategic leadership of Law & Forensics worldwide mediation and arbitration, cyber security, and legal technology consulting services. Sarah holds a Masters from Columbia University, a B.S. from NYU, and BBA from University of Wisconsin.

She is a proven dynamic leader and innovative thought leader with a focus on healthcare. In 2012, Ms. Haines also spearheaded the involvement of Law & Forensics in a number of pilot e-discovery mediation programs across the nation.

Sarah currently leads the Law & Forensics expansion over the next year into a number of new European markets. Sarah serves on the Leadership Team that sets the overall strategy and direction for Law & Forensics.

Sarah is based in New York, New York.