Computer Forensic Playbook

The Computer Forensics Playbook provides organizations with the necessary policies, protocols, SOPs, and frameworks needed to establish an in-house forensics solution that accounts for the unique structure and circumstances of each organization. It integrates the best legal, business, and technology practices in relation to computer forensics into a single, actionable guide that supports organizations in executing legally defensible investigations that can withstand legal scrutiny.

E-Discovery Playbook

Law & Forensics’ E-Discovery Playbook provides the necessary policies, procedures, checklists, and SOPs to establish, or improve, an in-house e-discovery program. It integrates legal, business, and technology best practices in relation to e-discovery into a single guide that in house legal, business, and technical stakeholder can use in connection with a dispute or investigation. The E-Discovery Playbook is used by counsel to demonstrate that the e-discovery performed is legally defensible, to preserve, collect, review, and produce electronically stored information (ESI).

Cybersecurity Playbook

Law & Forensics’ Cybersecurity Playbook provides organizations looking to establish or strengthen their existing cybersecurity program with the necessary frameworks and strategies needed to build an incident response program. The Cybersecurity Playbook integrates legal, business, and technology best practices in relation to cybersecurity into a single, actionable guide that empowers clients to prevent incidents, get faster and deeper clarity concerning ongoing breaches, respond to litigation, and reduce overall cybersecurity liability.

*All products are distributed as eBooks via multiple channels and are customizable to an organization’s unique needs, goals, regulations and standards. Please reach out to us here to inquire about an eBook.

Forensic Scan ®

For every hour that passes in the first 72-hours of an investigation, the bad actor gain a significant advantage.

Forensic Scan ® is a patented next generation malware detection and identification software platform, that runs multiple malware detection engines simultaneously, allowing it to detect and identify malicious threats more than 50 times faster than any solution in the marketplace today.

Every hour that passes gives the bad guys more opportunity to do harm, which increases the chances of substantial corporate damage and drives up remediation costs exponentially. Forensic Scan not only identifies threats and infected devices, but also provides security teams with an understanding of the extent of the compromise as fast as possible, making it an invaluable tool.

Forensic Scan has two patents today (Patent No. 9,990, 497 & 9,990,498) and expects to obtain several additional patents in the near future that will further enhance our reputation as an incident response firm on the cutting edge of technology threats and solutions.


  • Patent number: 9990498
  • Patent number: 9990497


  • Publication number: 20160063250, Publication number: 20160063252
  • Publication number: 20160063251, Publication number: 20140181975
  • Publication number: 20160063248, Publication number: 20160063251
  • Publication number: 20160063249


  • Proven and demonstrated solution that can be deployed to cloud, onsite on client’s
    proprietary network or as a standalone onsite solution.
  • Forensic Scan can scan deleted files and folders – no conventional commercial malware detection software does this today


  • Increase detection response time by up to 50%
  • Identifies all forms of cyber threats that breach corporate firewall and infect servers, workstations, mobile devices, tablets, payments machines, virtual machines, desktops or laptops
  • Works on both Windows , Linux, Unix, and iOS
  • Used by consulting organizations on a contract-for-hire basis, onsite , or in a white room environment .