Expertise in delivering, integrating, consulting, and implementing predictive coding systems for law firms and corporations.

Law & Forensics provides predictive coding technology and process consulting services. Unlike other system integration service providers, we provide an integrated holistic view of predictive coding , offering expert consulting across all aspects of litigation support, including: system integration, methods and procedures, review strategies, and managing operations.

Predictive Coding Consulting

Law & Forensics provides the following services connected with predictive coding:

  • Protocol development: creating a protocol for use by legal and technical stakeholders for a specific case.
  • Issue design: constructing issues to ensure maximum value is achieved by software.
  • Process guidance: advising the bench and the bar on issues unique to predictive coding.
  • Expert testimony: providing expert witness testimony around both legal and technical issues unique to these systems.
  • Presentation of results: working with counsel and litigation support firms to convey output of software in a manner that the bench and bar can understand.

Predictive Coding System Integration

  • Solution architecture: working with technical and legal stakeholders to design a solution that is appropriate for the law firm or company.
  • Design of data and process flow: creating data processes that ensure proper operation of predictive coding solutions.
  • Technical training: instructing legal and technical stakeholders on predictive coding software, ranging from one hour to three day hands on seminars.
  • Hardware/software configuration: configuring predictive coding software and hardware to operate within law firm or company systems.
  • Installation and testing: installing and testing predictive coding solutions for law firms and companies.

Predictive Coding Managed Operations

  • Onsite operation: providing consultants to ensure the operation of predictive coding solutions.
  • Train in-house experts: creating custom training for in-house technical and legal experts around predictive coding .
  • Troubleshooting: providing technical and legal support for counsel as necessary.

How much does it cost?

Law & Forensics works hard to fit a variety of budgets and customer requirements.  For more information contact us at or call 1-855-529-2466.

Why Law & Forensics?

In 2012 alone we were involved in more than thirty (30) different predictive coding engagements. Our team frequently attends conferences, and participates in working groups and development committees to update and enhance standards and protocols.  We consistently find new ways to serve our clients, and justice, better.