Law & Forensics provides litigation support services in a legally defensible, technically sound, and cost effective fashion with operations in Delaware, Los Angeles, Melbourne, New York, Seattle, Sao Paulo, and Beijing.

World class litigation support is key to E-Discovery success whether you are a plaintiff or a defendant.

No matter how sound your organization’s current planning for potential involvement in litigation, the constantly evolving demands and broadening scope of E-Discovery can quickly put the most primed company in a time-consuming and expensive state-of-emergency. With the most up-to-date knowledge of E-Discovery mandates and E-Discovery systems, our team is able to consistently deliver world class litigation support services to law firms, companies, and government agencies.

Law & Forensics’ litigation support consulting practice is able to act both defensively and offensively, proactively developing effective response plans and assessing opposing parties to create functional strategies. Our consultants can assist  at every step of the litigation process – be it 100 gigabytes or 50 terabytes, we can meet your needs.

Our services include:

  • Identifying custodians and collecting data using E-Discovery or forensics tools;
  • Processing and culling data collected;
  • Selecting key words for keyword searching or predictive coding systems;
  • Searching collected data using one of the dozen plus E-Discovery or forensic tools our experts are fluent in including Equivo, LAW, Clearwell, Zylabs, EnCase, AccessData, and Nuix;
  • Drafting and tracking legal hold notices for electronic evidence;
  • Developing document and data requests as well as objections to demands and holds;
  • Identifying and analyzing custodians and document locations across multiple devices and servers;
  • Developing defensible collection plans, including tracking and documentation;
  • Designing a protocol for review, protection, and production of documents;
  • Analyzing opposing parties’ E-Discovery susceptibilities and developing responsive strategies;
  • Preparing in-house technical employees for 30(b)(6) depositions using our unique insights and experiences in this area;
  • Advising on E-Discovery motion practice;
  • Creating TIFFs or load files as needed.


Law & Forensics does not charge by the amount of data, which means we frequently save our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars when dealing with large data sets.  We have saved clients  millions of dollars in processing, TIFFing, searching, and collecting data.


All of Law & Forensics’ work reflects the highest ethical standards, no matter the scope of the task at hand. We consistently find new ways to serve our clients, and justice, better.