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Keyword Mediation Helps Expedite eDiscovery

December 1, 2017

By Daniel B. Garrie & Hon. Gail Andler

Keyword Mediation Helps Expedite eDiscoverySelecting and using keywords to search large volumes of electronically stored information is often an unavoidable step in the process of electronic discovery. When parties and courts do so without technical guidance, it can become a contentious and highly technical process. An efficient alternative is to involve a neutral mediator with a thorough understanding of the governing law and the technology systems at issue.

This alternative can benefit both parties, as well as the court, because a mediator can expedite an agreement in a technically efficient manner, while the parties maintain control over the keyword selection process. The article addresses some of the challenges of keyword selection and provides guidance on selecting a mediator who can efficiently guide the parties through the process.

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