January 20th, 2021.



About the Event 

It has become an ongoing challenge for law firms and attorneys to protect client data. Ethics rules, outside counsel guidelines, case law, and privacy regulations – both domestic and international – may impose obligations on how data is transferred, collected, stored, and used.

Once data is inside the firm’s network – whether it is clients, third-parties, or adversary data – various obligations to secure that data may trigger. And with hackers increasingly targeting law firms, the threats of inadvertent or impermissible exposure is real. Attorneys must be on guard. This panel will address issues including:

  • Effect of New York SHIELD Law
  • Cybersecurity Case Law Update
  • Data Privacy Concerns
  • Using Litigation Tools to Protect Data (e.g., Protective Orders, Redaction, Data Minimization)
  • Applicable Ethics Rules and Guidelines

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