On August 26, ZEK’s Daniel Garrie and Yoav M. Griver published an article in Bloomberg BNA titled, “Do CIOs and CISOs Get Covered in Cybersecurity Litigation.”  In it, the authors discuss the increasing risk that Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) will be personally sued in the event of a data breach or other cybersecurity incident, and suggest three ways in which such risk can be managed.  The article is part of a continuing series of articles discussing the increasing impact of the digital age.


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Yoav M. Griver is a partner in Zeichner, Ellman and Krause LLP’s litigation group and a key member of its Cybersecurity practice. He works with clients to assess and secure computer systems, minimize cybersecurity risk liabilities, and ensure compliance with a panoply of regulatory frameworks and cybersecurity standards.  Yoav frequently lectures on e-discovery, cybersecurity, and risk management issues nationally, and writes on these matters for a variety of journals, periodicals, and legal reviews.  He is co-editor and an author of the multi-year treatise, Dispute Resolution and e-Discovery, which is published by Thomson Reuters.