Be it Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, or Doostang, our team has the knowledge and experience to conduct complex media forensic investigations.

Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are almost ubiquitous these days, allowing us to connect to social media platforms everywhere we go. Our constant access to social media leads to it playing a major role in forensic investigations.


With our social and business lives intertwined, often artifacts from social networking sites can be of particular interest in high-profile cases. Frequently, these artifacts establish a foundation that provide evidence.

  • Preservation: Utilize a variety of forensic tools designed to preserve a social network profile(s) (Facebook, MySpace, Google+, etc.)
  • Detection of Spoliation: Analyze social network platforms to determine who created the account, if an account was deleted, if specific aspects of an account were modified, and recover other necessary details surrounding modified or destroyed social media accounts
  • Authenticate: Establish authenticity of social media
  • Legal Consulting: Translate technical findings into digestible information for lawyers
  • Investigation: Investigate social media accounts to determine both the method entry and the scope of event, as well as profiling and quantifying the data loss
  • Forensics: Identify the relevant social media artifacts using cutting edge technology
  • Expert Witness: Extensive experience and success testifying in a court of law or tribunal as to the nature of social media artifacts[i]


Our experienced team understands the nuances of all social media platforms, and is unlike any other when it comes to the security of your firm’s data.

  • Experience: Conduct hundreds of forensic investigations concerning data found on various social media platforms.
  • Legal/Technical Expertise: Translate the technical pieces into information that the bench and bar can understand.
  • Efficient: Connect the dots to piece together a storyline from social media accounts to help our clients further their case before the other side.
  • Cost-Effective: Utilize cost-effective solutions to deliver results that are on time and under budget. 


Analyzed hundreds of Facebook profiles to determine that a large number of individuals involved in a class action suit had not been harmed (as they were claiming).

Resume available upon request.

All of Law & Forensics’ work reflects the highest ethical standards, no matter the scope of the task at hand. We consistently find new ways to serve our clients, and justice, better.