Law & Forensics’ team has conducted thousands of complex forensic investigations on all types of devices. We are able to collect, preserve, and harvest data from laptops, servers, mobile devices, hard drives, and backup tapes in a wide range of formats and media. L&F’s reputation for neutrality and technical excellence has been a significant factor in our selection as the digital forensic neutral in dozens of high profile cases, such as the class action against UMC Hospital in the District Court of Las Vegas Nevada.

  • Investigations
    Thousands of investigations all over the world
    Locate relevant data by collecting, preserving, and harvesting data from mobile devices, hard drives, and backup tapes (e.g. deleted, hidden, lost or encrypted files) in a wide range of formats and media, and preserving data in a forensically sound fashion (e.g. locked, fireproof safe for evidentiary).
  • Detection of Spoliation
    Discover evidence of spoliation in dozens of disputes and submit expert reports used by the parties
    Analyze devices and accounts to determine who created what data, if any data was deleted, and if specific aspects of data were modified. Recover other necessary details surrounding modified or destroyed data or accounts.
  • Expert Witness
    Patent, Copyright, and Trademark Disputes, Theft of Trade Secrets, Class Actions, Contract and Business Disputes, Regulatory Actions, Cyber Stalking, Malpractice Dispute
    Assist the court in understanding the technology relevant to a case and make recommendations regarding forensic issues specific to the dispute, especially where voluminous materials need to be reviewed or inspections outside of court facilities are necessary.
  • Forensic Data Recovery
    Utilize patent pending hardware and software
    Recover encrypted documents, hard drives, compressed files, and storage containers lost during an incident. Utilize patent pending hardware and software to recover data deleted by an employee or by a rare data-wiping virus, which can make a machine unable to operate. Our data recovery tools can repair partition or file structure, inspect the damaged file structure, and attempt to pull files out.
  • Cloud Forensics and Social Media
    Consulted, testified, and advised in 1000+ disputes
    Locate and recover deleted or partially disrupted files in private and public cloud computing environments using off-the-shelf and patent pending cutting edge software.  Analyze social network platforms, establish authenticity of social media, and translate technical findings into digestible information for lawyers.

Case Studies: 

Problem: Internal fraud investigation.  

Solution: Retained as an expert in a large consolidated products liability case. Found that certain employees had not adequately preserved and had even destroyed key evidence in the case. Produced a report that parties used to compel a favorable settlement.

All of Law & Forensics’ work reflects the highest ethical standards, no matter the scope of the task at hand. We consistently find new ways to serve our clients, and justice, better.