Law & Forensics’ consultants are leaders in providing cloud computing computer forensics.

Law & Forensics (“L&F”) is a recognized industry leader in cloud computing based forensics. Our team of experts is capable of recovering all types of deleted, corrupt, missing or inaccessible data stored in the cloud. We help law firms and companies run successful investigations and return to normal operations after they have been breached.

Cloud computing based forensics may be new to mainstream media, but to us it’s old news. Our experienced team leads the industry in securing data in the cloud and responding to breaches. We deliver critical guidance on how to respond to and manage forensic and data breach issues specific to the cloud.

  • Incident Response
    Investigate and respond to a data breach within hours of being retained. Use cutting edge systems and investigative techniques to quickly identify and remediate the source of the data breach. Analyze network packets, malware activity, RAM memory analysis, video forensic analysis, and forensic tape analysis at our labs.
  • Forensics
    Assist companies in finding relevant data by: collecting, preserving and harvesting data from mobile devices, hard drives, and backup tapes (e.g. deleted, hidden, lost or encrypted files), collecting data in a wide range of formats and media all over the world, and preserving data in a forensically sound fashion (e.g. locked, fireproof safe for evidentiary).
  • Expert Witness
    Assist the court in understanding the technology relevant to a case or make recommendations regarding forensic issues specific to the dispute, especially where voluminous materials need to be reviewed or inspections outside of court facilities are necessary. L&F team members have testified in a wide range of cases, including: Intellectual Property Theft, Patent and Trademark Disputes, Theft of Trade Secrets, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Class Actions, Broker/Dealer Disputes, Theft and Embezzlement, Contract and Business Disputes, Employment Disputes, Regulatory Actions, Probate Matters, Cyber Stalking, Malpractice Disputes, and Copyright Disputes.
  • Data Recovery
    Locate and recover deleted or partially disrupted files in private and public cloud computing environments using off-the shelf and patent pending cutting edge software.
  • Benefits 
    1. Experience — Conducted hundreds of forensic investigations concerning data located in the cloud.
    2. Legal Expertise – Served as courtroom expert witnesses.
    3. Technical Expertise – Proven ability to translate technical pieces into understandable and persuasive testimony.
    4. Rapid Response – A must in our business; we understand that when your cloud is down, every second counts.

Case Studies: 

Problem: Client was compromised by a malicious cyber attacker.

Solution: L&F recovered more than a dozen servers belonging to the company that were taken off-line by a malicious cyber attacker in less than 48 hours. After L&F cleaned and recovered the data from the servers, it identified the source of the breach and remediated the problem.

All of Law & Forensics’ work reflects the highest ethical standards, no matter the scope of the task at hand. We consistently find new ways to serve our clients, and justice, better.