Law & Forensics’ computer forensics practice has led internal and external forensic engagements in the U.S. and abroad for global companies, government agencies, and international non-profits. We have served as forensic expert witnesses in hundreds of trials and have been appointed by federal and state court judges as forensic neutrals.

Law & Forensics has worked on some of the most intricate and large-scale investigations, both in the private and public sectors, in the United States and abroad. We are recognized as one of the most responsive, well-equipped, and highly certified teams for conducting complex forensic investigations. We have performed thousands of electronic forensic investigations on PDAs, cell phones, smartphones, tablets, Xboxes, and laptops.

Forensic Investigations
Thousands of investigations all over the world

Locate relevant data by collecting, preserving, and harvesting data from mobile devices, hard drives, and backup tapes (e.g. deleted, hidden, lost or encrypted files) in a wide range of formats and media.

Forensic Neutral
Serve in Federal and State court disputes as Court Appointed Neutral

Act as Discovery Neutrals, ESI Liaisons, and Special Masters in disputes in federal and state courts all over the US, leveraging our experience and technical expertise.

Expert Witness
Consulted, testified, and advised in 1000+ disputes

Assist the court in understanding the technology relevant to a case, and make recommendations regarding forensic issues specific to the dispute.

Forensic Consulting
Dozens of Fortune 500 companies and global law firms have retained L&F

Work with counsel to resolve challenges related to evidence collection, computer forensics, or other discovery and litigation support processes in a sound and defensible manner.

Cloud Computing
Recover data from public and private clouds

Deliver critical guidance on how to respond to and manage forensic and data breach issues specific to the cloud.

Social Media
100s of investigations involving social media data

Analyze social network platforms, establish authenticity of social media, and translate technical findings into digestible information for lawyers.


Case Studies

Problem: Internal fraud investigation.  

Solution: Retained as an expert in a large consolidated products liability case. Found that certain employees had not adequately preserved and had even destroyed key evidence in the case. Produced a report that parties used to compel a favorable settlement.

Problem: Employee embezzlement.

Solution: Retained to investigate $2 million embezzlement. Using predictive coding to mine the data, L&F experts forensically analyzed the banking app on a mobile device to prove fraud. The L&F team wrote an expert witness report clearly explaining their findings. The client won the case, recovering all lost money. 

Problem: Class action dispute.

Solution: Served as a forensic neutral in class action dispute involving police department facing multiple allegations. As a forensic neutral, L&F created a forensic protocol was then used to conduct a forensic investigation of more than 50 devices. The parties settled, based on our report.

All of Law & Forensics’ work reflects the highest ethical standards, no matter the scope of the task at hand. We consistently find new ways to serve our clients, and justice, better.