About Our Internet of Things (IoT) Forensics Practice

Law & Forensics’ Internet of Things (IoT) Forensic Practice focuses on identifying, obtaining, and analyzing digital evidence from Internet of Thing devices for legal or investigative purposes. Our Internet of Things Forensics Practice has both the tools and the experience necessary to analyze any type of IoT device.

Our team has performed forensics and analysis research on a wide range of IoT devices, including e-cigarettes, cardiac devices such as pacemakers, patient/infant monitoring systems, in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems, CCTV and IP cameras.

Our Services

100s of years of collective experience doing forensics. And of course working out of the box and solving problems…

Identify, Preserve, Analyze, and Collect Electronically Stored Information and Data from Internet of Things Devices

  • Identify, collect, and preserve electronically stored information (ESI) and data from a range of IoT devices, including smartwatches, fitness trackers, medical device, vehicles, vacuums, doorbells, Amazon (Alexa, Dash, Alexa Echo Plus), pacemakers, e-cigarettes (Juul, Blue eCigs, Joyetech, Greensmoke), infant monitoring systems, Google (Nest thermostat, Nest Smoke Alarm, and Google Home), smart thermostats, smart locks, doorbells (Ring Inc., August,), smart lights (Belkin, Philips Hue Bulbs, WeMo), home mesh WiFi systems, connected kitchen appliances, and cellular-based IoT devices.
  • Analyze data collected from a wide range of IoT devices using various forensic tools, including proprietary patented forensic hardware and software.

Expert Consultant and Testifying Expert Witness

  • Prepare expert reports on technical topics related to IoT devices.
  • Testify in depositions or at trial on IoT forensic analysis efforts in a range of cases, including fraud, intellectual property theft, breach of contract, partnership dissolutions, employee misconduct, workplace harassment, labor disputes, wrongful termination, etc.
  • Provide expert testimony relating to the collection, production and identification of electronically stored information, and the controls and procedures that allow the defensible identification and preservation of electronically stored information.

Vehicle and Medical Device IoT Forensics

  • Conduct forensic investigations of a wide range of vehicles and medical devices in connection with complex civil disputes and internal investigations.
  • Extract and analyze vehicle and truck data across a wide range of vehicles from various manufacturers, including Toyota, Volvo, Sterling, Freightliner, Kenworth, Kia, Mercedes, BMW, General Motors, and Ford.

Court Appointed Forensic Expert or Neutral

  • Serve as a court-appointed expert or neutral to perform forensic investigations and analysis of IoT devices.
  • Efforts include:
    • Create protocols for the court and parties to follow with respect to IoT forensics,
    • Collect and analyze evidence from IoT devices,
    • Resolve discovery disputes arising from forensic efforts, and submit reports to the court.

Case Studies by Industry

Industry/Sector: Healthcare

Type of Case: Whistleblower Litigation (Qui Tam)

Description: Assisted a national medical device manufacturing firm in performing forensics on various Internet of Thing (IoT) devices as part of an internal investigation related to whistle blower and Qui Tam litigation. Efforts included:

    • Finding data by collecting, preserving, and harvesting data.
    • Recovering data recoverable from IoT devices, hard drives and backup tapes (e.g., deleted, hidden, lost or encrypted files).
    • Collecting data in a wide range of formats and media all over the world.
    • Preserving data in a forensically sound fashion (e.g., locked, fireproof safe).
1.23k Cases

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10.4k Computers

forensically analyzed

980 Mobile Devices

scanned with our software


of vehicles analyzed


of IoT devices examined

100’s of Medical Devices


 Internet of Things Forensics Practice Edge


Proven capabilities of doing forensics on many IoT devices, often where other forensic companies fall short. Our team has experience working and performing forensics on a range of IoT devices, including: Amazon (Alexa, Dash, Alexa Echo Plus), cellular based IoT devices, doorbells (Ring Inc., August, and etc.), e-cigarettes (Juul, blue eCigs, Joyetech, Greensmoke), fitness tracker (SmartMat Intelligent Yoga, Sync Smartband Activity Tracker, iWatch, Fitbit), Google (Nest thermostat, Nest Smoke Alarm, and Google Home), home mesh WiFi systems (Plume WiFi, Particle Mesh, Wifi Beacon, Samsung - Button, Gryphon, and etc.), infant monitoring systems (Miku Smart Baby, Owlet Smart Monitor, and etc.), kitchen appliances (General Electric, Samsung, LG, and etc.), medical devices (Remote temperature monitoring for vaccines, Medical data transferring tools, Air quality sensors, Drug effectiveness tracking, Vital signs data capturing, Sleep monitor, Medication refill reminder technology, Remote care biometrics scanners, Sleep and safety tools for infants), pacemakers, smart lights Par(Belkin, Philips Hue Bulbs, WeMo), smart locks (Adams Rite, Locky Secure, Assure Lock, Next Lock, Yale Lock, and etc), smart thermostat (Google Next, Mysa WiFi Smart, Emerson Sensi, and etc.), smartwatches, vacuums (EyeVac, iRobot Roomba, Shark IQ Robot, and etc.), vehicles (Toyota, Ford, GM, Kia, Mitsubishi, Tesla).

Competitive fees

Our fees structure is competitive, and we offer clients success based, hourly and fixed fee arrangements while ensuring that each engagement is spearheaded by a senior member of our team, with significant knowledge and experience.


Decades of experience collecting and analyzing many IoT devices including vacuums, e-cigarettes, commercial appliance, oil and gas devices, biomedical devices, smart cameras, fitness trackers and etc. using industry standard hardware and software, as well Law & Forensics patented hardware and software.

Quality Control

All work performed undergoes a quality control review so the finished product can withstand scrutiny by the courts, opposing counsel and experts.