About Our Forensics Consulting Practice

Law & Forensics Consulting practice recognizes that prosperous organizations rely on their employees, vendors, and partners to continue to prosper. Law and Forensics Forensic Consulting Practice team assists organizations investigate facts and resolve disputes that hinge on forensics. Law and Forensics Forensic Consulting Practice team has experience ranging from matters involving tens of thousands of data sources down to matters involving a single device.

Law and Forensics Forensic Consulting Practice team is diverse and experienced. Our practice consists of veterans of complex high-stakes litigations and investigations involving both large and small companies and we have integrated teams of legal, technical, and subject matter experts. Law and Forensics Forensic Consulting Practice team has a long and proven track record of delivering results when parties appear before judges, regulators, and arbitrators.

Our Services

100s of years of collective experience doing forensics. And of course working out of the box and solving problems…

Expert Witness Consult Service

  • Assist clients to evaluate, implement, and migrate to new eDiscovery and legal hold offerings and update existing legal hold and data retention policies and controls.
  • Collaborate with lawyers to draft declarations, affidavits, and reports relating to complex computer issues used in civil and criminal cases, arbitrations, and administrative hearings.
  • Submit affidavits on all sorts of forensic issues including the actions of the involved parties for a wide range of case types: Securities Litigation, ERISA disputes, White Collar Crime, Investigations, Fraud, Anti Money Laundering (AML), Breach of Contract, Trade Secret Theft Litigation, Intellectual Property Theft, Copyright and Trademark Infringement, Employment Litigation, and Mass Tort Litigation. (Read more about our Expert Witness Services)

Recovery of deleted and encrypted ESI

Law and Forensics data recovery tools can repair partition or file structure, inspect the damaged file structure, and attempt to pull files out over 10 times faster than current industry standards. Other services include the following:

  • Recover encrypted or deleted documents from the cloud, phone, laptop, tablet, servers, and etc.
  • Identify and decrypt compressed files and databases from hard drives, phones, tablets, storage containers, and etc.
  • Use various proprietary and industry-standard data Carving techniques to scan the data area of the hard disk that is not overwritten, to restore predefined types of files, and group them by extension: .JPG, .XLS, .DOC .XLSX, .DOCX, MDB, and etc.
  • Recover encrypted and compressed files from various operating systems and where possible the name and original location of the files.

Internet Activity and Social Media analysis

  • Analyze activity on social network platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok, Snapchat, and others, verify the authenticity of social media accounts, and analyze general web activity as well as browsing history to identify suspicious usage or misuse and present the information as forensic findings that can be used in court.
  • Examine social media accounts to determine both the method of entry and event, and profile and quantify data loss.
  • Identify social media artifacts using cutting edge technology.

Forensic Investigations

  • Deliver strategic, systematic, and economic approaches to investigating and collecting a myriad of data sources, including network, mobile device, and cloud-based social media data.
  • Conduct investigations of suspected fraud, bribery, corruption, and money laundering by both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Read more about our Forensic Investigations

Forensic Processing and Searching Electronically Stored Information in a Defensible and Cost Effective Fashion

  • Cull and process data and electronically stored information using forensic and e-discovery tools in a defensible fashion.
  • Advise clients working with third-party vendors on best practices relating to processing and searching electronically stored information (ESI).

Forensic Legal Engineering

  • Work with large and small organizations to identify legal technology solutions that meet their needs, including document hosting and review platforms, enterprise legal hold solutions, and eDiscovery processing and reviewing solutions.
  • Create, review, and edit forensic protocols and strategies that are both defensible and effective.
  • Design protocols for review, protection, and production of documents.
  • Prepare in house technical employees for 30(b)(6) depositions.
  • Analyze opposing parties’ eDiscovery susceptibilities and develop responsive strategies.

Forensic Neutral

  • Serve as neutrals and neutral experts in some of the most complex cases in courts all over the United States.
  • Appointed as forensic neutrals in dozens of cases worth $500,000 to $1.3 billion, including those arising out of sales of businesses and failed mergers; internet and software licensing agreements; senior executive employment and compensation agreements; partnership, shareholder, corporate, and accounting firm disputes; medical and health care IT services agreements; and trade secret, unfair competition, and copyright infringement.

Case Studies by Industry

Industry/Sector: Cosmetics

Type of Case: Fraud and M&A Litigation

Description: Engaged by the General Counsel and Chief Risk Officer of a global engineering company to assist in investigation a potential acquisition in the cosmetics sector. Efforts included:

    • Collecting, preserving, and harvesting ESI,
    • Recovering data from mobile devices, hard drives and backup tapes (e.g., deleted, hidden, lost or encrypted files),
    • Analyzing the ESI identified and submitting a summary report of the investigation’s findings. Our efforts and report were critical in facilitating a positive outcome for our client.
100’s Cases

As an expert witness

1000’s of affidavits


1000’s of mobile

devices analyzed

1000’s of social media accounts

acquired and inspected

100’s of forensic


100+ years of relevant

experience and expertise

Forensic Consulting Practice Advantage


Proven capabilities of consulting to clients in connection with complex and novel forensic issues often arising from internal investigations or litigation. Cases types we have worked on include: Antitrust litigation, Medical device litigation, Multidistrict litigation, Securities class actions, Consumer class actions, Employee misconduct, Healthcare fraud, Merger and Acquisitions (M&A) litigation, Insurance fraud, Intellectual property theft, National security, Patent litigation, Copyright and trademark litigation RICO; , Security law violations and SEC regulatory investigations, Shareholder rights litigation, White Collar Crime investigations, Workplace harassment, Cybersecurity, FinTech litigation, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, FTC and FDA regulatory investigations, State Attorney General investigations, Regulatory investigations, NY DFS investigations, Privacy litigation, Breach responses, GDPR compliance, State privacy investigations, CCPA, Civil Rights/Section 1983 litigation, Pension/ERISA violations, Trade and Commerce disputes, Consumer Protection Litigation, Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) litigation, Real estate litigation, HUD and related FHA investigations.

Competitive fees

Our fees structure is competitive, and we offer clients success based, hourly and fixed fee arrangements while ensuring that each engagement is spearheaded by a senior member of our team, with significant knowledge and experience.


Our Forensic Consulting team of experts has 15+ years of experience and technical training on a wide range of forensic topics and issues. Our teams have a wide range of experience and technical expertise with forensic technologies, and legal engineers admitted to practice law with real world experience in litigating cases. Experience with following forensic software and hardware X-Ways Forensics, WireShark, AccessData FTK, Encase, BlackBag Forensic Software, Nuix, The Sleuth Kit, Volatility Framework Systems, e-fense, ProDiscover Forensics, Paladin, FTK Imager, Magnet RAM Capture, Registry Recon, Cellebrite, Tsunami Blu, Nordic eSIM, Paraben, Oxygen Forensics, MacQuisition, and Cellebrite UFED Touch.

Quality Control

Delivering solutions that leverage a robust set of internal quality controls to ensure that our team is meeting the needs of our clients.