About Our Forensic Expert Witness Testimony Practice

After conducting hundreds of time-intensive computer forensic investigations, Law & Forensics’ forensic experts have become prominent leaders in the field of computer forensics and have testified as computer forensic experts in hundreds of criminal and civil cases in state and federal court and in arbitrations and administrative proceedings all over the globe.

Our experienced and battle-tested computer forensic experts specialize in connecting-the-dots for judges, arbitrators, and regulators. Rest assured, if your case sees its day in court, our computer forensic experts are the folks you want by your side as we are ready to stand up to intense technical scrutiny and the most grueling of cross-examinations.

Our Services

100s of years of collective experience doing forensics. And of course working out of the box and solving problems…

Affidavits and Expert Reports

  • Author expert reports on a wide range of forensic issues including: Analyzing the opposing party completeness of collection; Reviewing evidence of purported spoliation of ESI; Assessing client and opposing parties preservation and litigation hold actions.
  • Collaborate with lawyers to draft declarations, affidavits, and reports relating to complex computer issues used in civil and criminal cases, arbitrations, and administrative hearings.
  • Submit affidavits on all sorts of forensic issues including the actions of the involved parties for a wide range of case types: Securities Litigation, ERISA disputes, White Collar Crime, Investigations, Fraud, Anti Money Laundering (AML), Breach of Contract, Trade Secret Theft Litigation, Intellectual Property Theft, Copyright and Trademark Infringement, Employment Litigation, and Mass Tort Litigation.

Depositions and Trial Testimony

  • Serve as an expert witness for depositions on a wide range of computer forensic topic issues in state and federal court in bench and jury trials presenting complex forensics concepts in a digestible and understandable fashion.
  • Testify in civil and criminal state and federal court regarding computer forensic techniques, strategies, and protocols that were used to identify, collect, preserve, filter, process, review, analyze and produce electronically stored information and/or data.
  • Collaborate with counsel on the taking and defending of depositions, reviewing, and challenging the testimony of others, and preparing and implementing an overall computer forensic strategy.
  • Assist attorneys and clients by testifying on their behalf as a 30(b)(6) or PMK, allowing our credentials to strengthen a client’s case in the eyes of a judge or jury.

Computer Forensic Protocols

  • Review and edit computer forensic protocols for Counsel on behalf of clients in complex class actions, civil litigations, and arbitrations that involve all types of digital devices including: Computers, servers, cloud repositories, iPhones, Apple laptops, Google phones, Android devices, IoT devices, enterprise software systems, Windows Servers, Siemens and Allen Bradley Control Systems, Medical Devices, and Vehicles.
  • Serve as a court-appointed or party selected computer forensic neutral and/or expert to resolve advanced and complex computer forensic issues.
  • Create, review, and edit proposed computer forensic protocols for clients that have complex computing environments.

Case Studies by Industry

Industry/Sector: Manufacturing

Type of Case: Trade secret and Unfair Competition

Description: Retained by global 10 law firm as an expert forensic witness in a multi-million-dollar trade secret and unfair competition dispute on behalf of the defendant, a large manufacturing company. Efforts included:

    • Providing key expert testimony on the result of forensic analysis.
    • Making factual determinations on the evidence.
    • Producing an expert witness report to clearly explain findings to legal counsel and the court.
43 Times Testifying

in criminal or civil disputes

1000’s of Affidavits

and reports drafted

100’s of Companies

collaborated with


of depositions

Decades of Relevant

experience and expertise

453 Expert Reports


 Forensic Expert Testimony Practice Edge


Proven capabilities of providing our clients with expert testimony that exceeds expectations especially with civil and criminal cases, arbitrations, and regulatory proceedings. Our team has experience testifying in many disputes including: Antitrust litigation, Medical device litigation, Multidistrict litigation, Securities class actions, Consumer class actions, Employee misconduct, Healthcare fraud, Merger and Acquisitions (M&A) litigation, Insurance fraud, Intellectual property theft, National security, Patent litigation, Copyright and trademark litigation RICO, Security law violations and SEC regulatory investigations, Shareholder rights litigation, White Collar Crime investigations, Workplace harassment, Cybersecurity, FinTech litigation, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, FTC and FDA regulatory investigations, State Attorney General investigations, Regulatory investigations, NY DFS investigations, Privacy litigation, Breach responses, GDPR compliance, State privacy investigations, CCPA, Civil Rights/Section 1983 litigation, Pension/ERISA violations, Trade and Commerce disputes, Consumer Protection Litigation, Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) litigation, Real estate litigation, HUD and related FHA investigations.

Competitive fees

Our fees structure is competitive, and we offer clients success based, hourly and fixed fee arrangements while ensuring that each engagement is spearheaded by a senior member of our team, with significant knowledge and experience.


Our team of experts hold multiple certifications and have published hundreds of articles and more important have 10+ years of testifying experience and technical training that provide a unique edge and valuable edge in trials, hearings, and disputes. Our team has expertise, access to and uses a wide range of forensic software and hardware including: AccessData FTK, BlackBag Forensic Software ,Cellebrite , Cellebrite UFED Touch, e-fense, Encase, Forensic Scan, FTK Imager, MacQuisition, Magnet RAM Capture, Nordic eSIM, Nuix, Oxygen Forensics, Paladin, Paraben, ProDiscover Forensics, Forensics Registry Recon ,The Sleuth Kit, Tsunami Blu, Volatility Framework Systems, WireShark, X-Ways Forensics

Quality Control

All reports undergo a quality assurance review so the finished product can withstand all forms of scrutiny by opposing counsel.