E-Discovery Engagements

Our team has worked in more than 1000+ e-discovery engagements, testified in dozens of trials, trained 1000’s of lawyers and technologists on E-Discovery issues, and worked with companies to deliver 10’s of millions of dollars in annual savings.

Global Financial Institution

Consulted both in the U.S. and abroad to a global finance company on various electronic discovery issues relating to several multi-million dollar high-profile disputes, including production, retention, preservation, and search under European, U.S. federal, and state frameworks.

Regional Bank

Analyzed documents and computer software to form an opinion about a contract dispute that hinged on the veracity of several key emails. Gave deposition and supported deposition of opposing expert. Case was settled with a favorable result to client.

Fortune 500 Chemical Company

Developed and implemented a comprehensive electronic discovery and information governance program for a Fortune 500 chemical manufacturing company that operates in 26+ countries including China and Dubai.

East Coast Teaching Hospital

Represented a prestigious East Coast medical school and teaching hospital in a sexual harassment claim based on a student intern’s actions; provided E-Discovery and forensic analysis services, including collection and review of home computers, office computers, and cell phones.

Global Oil and Gas Company

Consulted outside counsel on behalf of in-house counsel to a large oil and gas company in order to define methods to acquire and manage electronic data in a multi-million dollar dispute; designed processes and monitored third-party vendors collecting data from seven different countries to ensure that the collection of data was done in a forensically sound manner; worked with counsel on seven 30(b)(6) depositions advising on strategies for taking and defending depositions of information technology and records management personnel.

Forensics Engagements

Our team has performed internal and external forensic and cyber investigations both in the U.S. and abroad for global companies, government, and international non-profits. When millions of dollars are at stake institutions and investors ask Law & Forensics to assist in various ways including: serving as forensic neutrals, performing internal discrete complex investigations, collecting and analyzing dozens of terabytes on hundreds of computers, and provided expert testimony in 100+ matters.

Telecommunications Provider

Retained by a telecom provider to investigate theft of intellectual property by departing senior vice-president. Analyzed company computer systems to determine which files were copied by departing employee and then deleted.

South East Healthcare Provider

Analyzed home and office computer systems belonging to CEO of a healthcare provider when it was learned that he was possibly misappropriating funds and abusing internet privileges.

Global Mining Company

Provided computer forensic services to a law firm to verify emails that were critical to a $300M dispute. The work required forensically imaging and unlocking several key machines, working with computer security professionals in South America, and establishing the authenticity of communication using creative methods.

National Medical Equipment Company

Worked with former sales and management executives to acquire and analyze home computers, office computers and cell phones when their former employer, a medical equipment provider, accused them of theft and removal of intellectual property.

Global Industrial Company

Analyzed phone records and related documents in a breach of contract dispute relating to a global mining. Assisted attorney as coordinating technology consultant at trial.

Regional HVAC Provider

A regional industrial HVAC provider, suspecting removal of intellectual property by a former lead engineer, requested collection and analysis of home and office computer systems. Our forensic analysis resulted in saving the client (the HVAC provider) $19 million dollars in potential fines.

Cyber Security Engagements

Law & Forensics has delivered legal and technology strategy consulting services concerning cyber security to a wide variety of clients, be them global beauty companies, regional and national banks, manufacturing firms large and small, technology companies both domestic and global, regional and national healthcare firms, global investment banks, or government agencies.

East Coast Law Firm

Hired by leading East Coast law firm to resolve issues surrounding detection and analysis of Zero Day Exploits in computers. Performed detailed analysis of servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices for evidence of hacking which resulted in the production of file signatures for previously unknown malware and viruses.

Large Southern California Hospital

Provided a physical assessment to large hospital in Southern California that included a visit to facilities to provide: (1) Risk assessment of the site physical controls; (2) Risk assessment with respect to HIPAA security provisions and classification of required and addressable regulatory requirements; and (3) Coordination of HIPAA security risk assessment with HIPAA privacy concerns.

Insurance Company

Provided an exhaustive technical risk assessment including technical vulnerability and penetration assessment for a hospital. This assessment included: (1) Application assessment on all Electronic Protected Health Information (EPHI) identified applications; and (2) Full vulnerability and penetration assessment on all servers in the environment. This included servers in addition to EPHI specific systems.