Law & Forensics’ consultants have served as E-Discovery expert witnesses in hundreds of disputes. When it comes to E-Discovery, we understand that it is often difficult to convey the underlying esoteric technological details to lawyers, jurors, or the courts.

Our personnel have testified in hundreds of matters as experts, both in litigation and mediation, on all aspects of e-discovery. Our team also has a great deal of experience in assisting counsel with the taking and defending of depositions, reviewing and challenging the testimony of others, and preparing and implementing an overall E-Discovery strategy.

  • Search Protocol
    Create search protocol for the largest litigations in the country
    Testify as to the defensibility of search protocol used by our clients or opposing counsel and experts in court.
  • Collection Practices
    Testify in multibillion dollar disputes
    Testify as to the reasonableness of collection practices utilized by opposing counsel and third party litigation support companies.
  • Data Collection
    Verify completeness at a faster and more cost effective rate
    Verify completeness of data collections performed by our team in disputes involving 15 terabytes or more (TB), hundreds of devices, and multiple locations.
  • ESI Protocol
    Examine and edit protocols in MDL disputes
    Examine protocol used by opposing side to identify, filter, process, review, and produce electronically stored information (ESI).
  • E-Discovery Spoliation
    Conduct independent reviews and forensic investigations in multibillion dollar disputes
    Prove and disprove allegations of E-Discovery spoliation.

Case Studies:

Problem: Policy dispute.

Solution: Hired as an expert witness in a dispute with an insurance company as to whether it had to honor a policy our client had purchased to protect against insider threats and theft. Our forensic expert analysis established that the employee was a critical bad actor in a $100,000,000+ fraud. L&F testimony was instrumental in forcing the insurance company to offer a favorable settlement to our client.

All of Law & Forensics’ work reflects the highest ethical standards, no matter the scope of the task at hand. We consistently find new ways to serve our clients, and justice, better.