About Our eDiscovery Training Practice

Law & Forensics eDiscovery Training Practice offers a wide variety of training for judges, lawyers, technology experts, and business executives on eDiscovery, forensics, and cybersecurity. We offer in-person and web-based sessions ranging from half days to a full week. Our classes provide lawyers, judges, and arbitrators with an opportunity to gain critical knowledge and skills essential to leading or participating in the eDiscovery process.

Lectures are taught by some of the country’s leading eDiscovery and technology experts and attorneys. Our training sessions offer a rigorous curriculum exploring how computers are built and work, incorporating engaging daily readings, hands-on exercises, and proven strategic tips. Law & Forensics provides our clients with integrated teams of legal, technical, and subject matter experts who are veterans of complex high-stakes litigations and investigations involving both large and small companies to lead the eDiscovery Training Practice.

Our Services

100s of years of collective experience doing eDiscovery. And of course working out of the box and solving problems…

Half Day and Full Day Seminars

  • Provide in-depth in-person and online seminars that offer technical and legal insight as to current eDiscovery laws and regulations, eDiscovery best practices, and compliance requirements for effective retention and destruction of electronically stored information.
  • Offer tailored classes that discuss the full extent of the duty to preserve electronic evidence and provide practical strategies for streamlining efforts in eDiscovery.

Build Computers and Program Software for Lawyers, Judges, and Neutrals

  • Deliver hands-on technical learning experiences for non-technologists aimed to provide a better understanding of technology.
  • Teach full and half-day seminars to lawyers, judges, and arbitrators on the ins-and-outs of building a computer or writing a software program.
  • Provide classes tailored to providing a deep dive into how computers are built, how data can be retrieved and destroyed, cyber threats facing networks and organizations, and more.

Smart Contracts – Design, Create, Deploy

Offer both full, and half-day classes and training sessions on smart contracts. The course covers several topics including:

  • Reviewing current case law and legislation;
  • Analyzing existing smart contracts deployed in the marketplace;
  • Designing smart coding smart contracts;
  • Installing smart contract programming frameworks;
  • Deploying smart contracts

This class is unique in the marketplace today as it provides participants a chance to put hands on the keyboard and design, develop, install, and deploy a smart contract.

Tailored Technology Classes on Privacy, Cybersecurity, Arbitration

Our classes stand out as the best in the marketplace, our Law and Forensics team collaborates with world-class subject matter experts to create and deliver engaging content that provides professional value.
  • Offer a library of 125+ online lectures available on-demand from Thomson Reuters on a wide range of topics, including: Privacy, cybersecurity, cyber insurance, arbitration, mediation, forensics, 30(b)(6) depositions.
  • Deliver bespoke in-person training sessions on a wide range of topics relating to arbitration, mediation, privacy, and emerging technologies.

Case Studies by Industry

Type of Case: eDiscovery Training

Description: Hired by in-house counsel for a global company to develop eDiscovery playbook and requisite training modules for employees. Efforts included:

    • Creating the eDiscovery playbook and ensuring that it addressed preservation, collection, search, and production from a technical and legal perspective.
    • Updating and creating new standards, templates, and protocols for collection, preservation, and search that accounted for domestic and international legal frameworks and the associated systems and tools for the company.
1.23k Cases

solved to date

10.4k Computers

forensically analyzed

980 Mobile Devices

scanned with our software

50.3k Mailboxes

examined by LnF

3.3k Social

media accounts analyzed

453 Expert

reports written

 Law & Forensics eDiscovery Training Practice Advantages


Our eDiscovery Training practice has experience training 1000s of members of state and federal law enforcement; Undergraduate and Graduate lecturers on computer science, forensics, business, and cybersecurity; Most of Law and Forensics educators have dozens of years teaching at law schools where they taught hundreds of students; Educators who are recipients of multiple awards relating to eDiscovery, cyber, and forensic teaching; Lectured thousands of lawyers, judges, law enforcement, engineers, computer scientists, educators, and legal support individuals on technology topics all over the globe in Spanish, Japanese, English, Russian, Hebrew, and Mandarin.

Competitive fees

Our fees structure is competitive, and we offer clients success based, hourly and fixed fee arrangements while ensuring that each engagement is spearheaded by a senior member of our team, with significant knowledge and experience.


Our eDiscovery educators have decades of experience and have both extensive legal and technical expertise enabling our experts to communicate complex and esoteric technological details to lawyers, jurors, or judges.

Quality Control

Every engagement follows a rigorous set of quality controls to ensure that the deliverable meets the client’s needs.