About Our eDiscovery Data Preservation Practice

Law & Forensics’ eDiscovery Preservation Practice assists companies, organizations, and law firms all over the globe with the identification, collection, and preservation of electronically stored information (ESI). Law & Forensics has successfully identified, collected, and preserved data from thousands of computers, servers, devices, accounts, a range of internet of things (IoT) devices, medical machines, oil platforms, computers, servers, cloud computing service providers, smartphones, mainframes, vehicles, and supercomputers.

Our eDiscovery Preservation Practice group is frequently retained by counsel to assist in civil and criminal litigation, investigations, arbitrations, and other regulatory and administrative proceedings. In addition, our team is frequently appointed by the courts to resolve complex eDiscovery issues, including ensuring the preservation of ESI in complex disputes. We provide our clients with integrated teams of legal, technical, and subject matter experts who are veterans of complex high-stakes litigations and investigations involving large and small companies to lead the eDiscovery Data Preservation Practice.

Our Services

100s of years of collective experience doing eDiscovery. And of course working out of the box and solving problems…

Preservation Investigations

  • Identify, preserve, and collect critical electronically stored information, manage investigations all over the globe across many devices (e.g., Xbox, iWatch, Ford F150, and Steel Manufacturing control system).
  • Perform on-site investigations to identify, collect and preserve data all over the globe; with multiple locations in the United States and around the world our team is ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Remote and On-site Collection of ESI

  • Collect and preserve data remotely – be it from the cloud or from a remote office.
  • Perform on-site investigations to identify, collect and preserve data all over the globe; with multiple locations in the United States and around the world our team is ready to go at a moment’s notice.

eDiscovery Preservation Expert Testimony

  • Testify in hundreds of civil and criminal disputes, arbitration hearings, and administrative proceedings both in the United States and abroad.
  • Provide expert testimony relating to the collection, production, and identification of electronically stored information, and the controls and procedures that allow the defensible identification and preservation of electronically stored information.
  • Learn more about Expert Testimony

ESI Preservation Consult

  • Consult to large and small companies and organizations on defensible controls and procedures relating to the identification and preservation of electronically stored information.
  • Review and edit ESI protocols for counsel on behalf of clients in complex class actions, civil litigations, and arbitrations.
  • Draft ESI search protocols for complex civil and criminal cases at the request of the parties or via court appointment.

Backup Tape Restoration

  • Identify backup tape repositories and determine the format, size, and software needed to recover back-up tapes.
  • Work with organizations to restore backup tapes from legacy and backup solutions.
  • Consult attorneys on preservation issues unique to backup tape, such as, articulating the distinction between reasonably and not reasonably accessible ESI specific to backup tape data and solutions to attorney and to the courts.

Forensic Imaging of Devices

  • Perform forensic imaging and collection on many devices that stands up to the rigor of court.
  • Recover a wide range of data from devices including deleted email, voicemails, internet activity logs, network activity, deleted documents, encrypted data, deleted images, partitions and filesystems, and carved data. Go to Forensic Services to learn more about our offering.
  • Advise clients working with third-party vendors on best practices relating to preserving electronically stored information (ESI).

Preserve, Identify, and Collect Deleted Data

  • Utilize forensic software and hardware to identify, preserve, and collect data deleted or wiped from many devices.
  • Create protocols and strategies that are both defensible and effective for in-house legal teams to leverage when dealing with the preservation of evidence. Learn more about our Forensic Service

Mobile Device Identification, Preservation, and Collection

  • Identify, preserve, and collect data from mobile devices (phones, tablets, gaming consoles), including Acer, Amazon, Apple, Asus, Blackberry, Google, Hewlett Packard, Huawei, IBM, Motorola, Microsoft, Nokia, Siemens, Sony, Toshiba.
  • Cull, process, and search ESI using forensic and e-discovery tools.
  • Advise clients working with third-party vendors on best practices relating to processing and searching ESI from mobile devices.
  • Learn more about our Forensic Services

Case Studies by Industry

Industry/Sector: Energy

Type of Case: FCPA Investigation

Description: Hired by outside counsel to assist a global energy company in a complex preservation effort connected to an ongoing FCPA investigation in several countries. Efforts included:

  • Identified valid and deleted electronic data sources – deleted and valid iPhone messages, emails, photographs, erased documents,  internet browsing activity, hidden documents, computer usage habits, and other records from various internal systems.
  • Preserving a wide range of data formats from mobile devices, laptop hard drives, tablets, servers, and backup tapes,
  • Collecting information from the source identified above in a defensible fashion while complying with local privacy data laws for various custodians located in different countries.
1.23k Cases

solved to date

10.4k Computers

forensically analyzed

3.9k Mobile Devices

collected, scanned, and analyzed

54.1k Mailboxes

collected, analyzed, and searched by LnF

3.9k Social Media Accounts

collected, analyzed, and searched

597 Expert and Rebuttal Reports

reports written

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