About Our eDiscovery Consulting Practice

Our eDiscovery Consulting Practice works with clients in all phases of the discovery process all around the globe. The eDiscovery Consulting team has a proven track record of consulting clients through all phases of the eDiscovery process to deliver successful outcomes. Our eDiscovery Consulting team members have consulted on eDiscovery issues in hundreds of civil and criminal high-stake disputes in state and federal court. Our eDiscovery Consulting practice combines diverse backgrounds in law and technology allowing us to solve problems and deliver results where others fall short.

Our eDiscovery Consulting team has collected data from all over the globe and from all types of devices including vehicles, medical devices, oil rigs, iPhone, ATMs, and weapon systems. Our eDiscovery Consulting team has a proven track record working for Plaintiffs, Defendants, Regulators, and Courts delivering results where most companies fail. Our eDiscovery Consulting team has 50+ years of experience and its team members are involved with the Sedona Conference, Legal Cyber Academy, and Rutgers School of Law.

Our Services

Legal Hold Process

  • Create legal-hold programs and solutions for companies that may include developing a program that meets legal, audit, technology, and compliance requirements.
  • Review, update, and create existing legal hold and data retention policies and controls specific to legal holds and eDiscovery.
  • Evaluate and select vendors to implement litigation hold solutions.
  • Develop and deploy litigation hold training for the enterprise and system users.
  • Assist companies in evaluating, implementing, and migrating to new eDiscovery and legal hold offerings.
eDiscovery Consulting

eDiscovery and Legal Software Solutions

  • Work with large and small companies to identify legal technology solutions that meet their needs.
  • Assist companies evaluate, select, and deploy document hosting and review platforms often at the direction of in-house legal and IT teams that are bringing some or part of eDiscovery in-house.
  • Review, update, and create  eDiscovery policies, work instructions, SOPs, controls, and processes as they relate to the various stages of eDiscovery for companies.

Forensic Investigations

  • Perform forensic investigations using a strategic, systematic, and economic approach across a myriad of data sources and devices.
  • Conduct forensic investigations of suspected fraud, bribery, corruption and money laundering by both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Identify, collect, analyze, and search specific custodians repositories across multiple locations, devices and servers using eDiscovery and forensics tools.. Learn more about our Forensic Investigations practice.
eDiscovery Consulting
eDiscovery Consulting

Preserve, Identify & Collect Data

  • Identify, analyze, collect and preserve custodians ESI across multiple locations, devices, and servers.
  • Collect data using eDiscovery or forensics tools and developing efficient and defensible collection plans, including tracking and documentation.
  • Perform on-site investigations to identify, collect and preserve data all over the globe; with multiple locations in the United States and around the world, our team is ready to go at a moment’s notice.
  • Learn more about our preservation services

Process and Search Electronically Stored Information

  • Cull large amounts of data collected using forensic and eDiscovery tools in a defensible fashion.
  • Advise clients that are working with third-party vendors on best practices relating to processing and searching electronically stored information.
  • Perform a complete and defensible data collection process that allows for the collection of relevant ESI that is defensible and can withstand judicial scrutiny.
eDiscovery Consulting
eDiscovery Consulting

Legal Engineering

  • Create protocols and strategies that are both defensible and effective.
  • Draft and track legal hold notices for electronic evidence. Develop and analyze custodians and document locations across multiple devices and servers.
  • Design a protocol for review, protection, and production of documents.
  • Prepare in-house technical employees for 30(b)(6) depositions using our unique insights and experiences in this area.
  • Analyze opposing parties’ eDiscovery susceptibilities and develop responsive strategies.

eDiscovery Mediation

  • Mediate search terms, collection, preservation, production, and protocol disputes between parties in civil and criminal disputes, saving parties hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in unnecessary motion practice.
  • Facilitate dialogue and assist parties and their experts by designing mutually agreeable keywords, search and production protocols, and preservation scope.
eDiscovery Consulting
eDiscovery Consulting

Expert Witness

  • Law & Forensics team members have a wealth of experience serving as expert witnesses and consultants on eDiscovery issues in a wide range of disputes, including antitrust investigations, intellectual property theft matters, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) investigations, white-collar crime, Ponzi schemes, large executive embezzlement fraud cases, MDL and class actions, and product liability cases within the medical, software, and pharmaceutical industries, among others.
  • Serve as an expert witness for depositions on a wide range of eDiscovery issues, including preservation, spoliation, collection, and production.
  • Learn more about eDiscovery Expert Witness

Technology Assisted Review and/or Predictive Coding

  • Provide technology assisted review and technical and protocol expertise to design, implement and deploy solutions that are both defensible and efficient.
  • Work with attorneys to develop and create predictive coding solutions that  can accelerate document review and demonstrate statistically that it matches or possibly exceeds the quality of human review to withstand judicial scrutiny.
eDiscovery Consulting

Case Studies by Industry

Industry/Sector: Entertainment

Type of Case: eDiscovery Playbook

Description: Hired the General Counsel and Chief Information Officer to create an eDiscovery Playbook™ for a multibillion-dollar gaming company. Efforts included:

    • Delivered a playbook that laid out a legally defensible process for identifying, collecting, processing, and producing responsive ESI for all legal matters the company faced.
    • Allowed the legal department to follow the steps in the playbook to conduct e-discovery in any legal matter.
1.23k Cases

solved to date

10.4k Computers

forensically analyzed

3.9k Mobile Devices

collected, scanned, and analyzed

54.1k Mailboxes

collected, analyzed, and searched by L&F

3.9k Social Media Accounts

collected, analyzed, and searched

597 Expert and Rebuttal Reports


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