E-Discovery in 21st Century Webinar

Law & Forensics would like to announce an exciting opportunity to attend an e-discovery webinar, which will be delving into the issues surrounding e-discovery in the 21st century

Daniel Garrie, Managing Partner and General Counsel at Law & Forensics LLC, an e-discovery and forensics consulting firm, has been accepted to present at the Virtual LegalTech conference. His presentation, Ediscovery in the 21st Century, will be given on June 14, 2012 from 12:45pm till 1:45 pm.  The webinar provides a comprehensive look at the burgeoning field of E-discovery. Throughout the last decade, there has been a massive surge in the use of E-discovery, in this webcast, Mr. Garrie will look at meaning-based computer assisted discovery practices including:

  • How meaning based coding greatly simplifies early case assessment and review while increasing accuracy over traditional approaches
  • How a meaning based governance platform can unify and organize data to accelerate E-Discovery
  • How a unified legal repository enables attorneys to securely reuse work-product across matters


For more information about this event please email us at info@lawandforensics.com.