About Our Regulatory Compliance Practice

Our digital banking Regulatory Compliance Practice focuses on advising large and small companies on complex regulatory rules, expensive legacy assets, cybersecurity threats, and digital innovation on their operating models. Our experts are skilled in all compliance areas, including governance, exam preparation, management reporting, incident response, internal audit, and risk management support.  

The Regulatory Compliance Practice also has highly specialized expertise in crypto-custodial services. The team consists of former executives and regulators with vast experience working with the U.S. and International Financial Services Regulators. 

Our Services

Decades of collective experience doing cybersecurity. And of course working out of the box and solving problems…

Create and Augment Programs for Regulatory Compliance

  • Develop regulatory compliance programs for financial institutions and FinTech companies that will withstand regulatory scrutiny.  
  • Work with established financial institutions and compliance teams to review and respond to regulatory findings and develop closure memos. 
Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory Compliance

Compliance Assessment

  • FATF VASP INR15 Readiness Assessment (AML / KYC / CTF).  
  • Work with financial institutions to meet critical regulatory compliance standards for cryptocurrency exchanges, custodians, third parties, and more. 
  • Collaborate with clients to deliver a detailed analysis of an organizations capability to comply with new and existing regulations.  

Exam Preparation

  • Work with clients to review the current regulatory exams initial document request list, conduct in-person interviews, and evaluate internal systems and controls.  
  • Help institutions respond to regulatory findings, address issues, and assist with preparing issue closure plans. 
  • Assist organizations in ascertaining the causes for non-compliance, using a compliance breakdown, and identifying gaps in policies, procedures, controls, and governance that require remediation 
  • Evaluate impacts of compliance failures through the use of data and analytics, and develop appropriate, targeted response strategies. 
Regulatory Compliance


  •  Assist organizations in responding to the results of a CBEST exam, which includes responding toaddressing, and providing recommendations on regulatory findings. 
  • Work with clients to create a CBEST improvement and work with clients to develop and execute the roadmap to improve the organization’s cybersecurity posture and resiliency 
Regulatory Compliance

Case Studies by Industry

Industry/Sector: Financial Services

Type of Engagement: Evaluate the soundness of closure packages

Description: Assisted an institution in developing closure packages in response to significant regulatory findings.