About Our Expert Witness Practice

Our team of credentialed expert witnesses in the digital banking space offers testimony in a wide range of disputes relating to blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, including cybercrime, fraudulent ICOs, investment fraud, hidden or non-disclosed cryptocurrency, and complex civil and criminal litigation. Our digital banking Expert Witness practice has a proven track record of explaining to judges and legal professionals––in an easy-to-understand way––complex digital banking concepts, cryptocurrency, and blockchain concepts.

Our digital banking, cryptocurrency, and blockchain expert witness practice has a demonstrated track record of articulating, proving, and testifying on complex digital banking, blockchain, and cryptocurrency issues in bench and jury trialsOur team also has a proven track record of working with regulators to resolve complex regulatory issues and inquiries unique to digital banking.

Our Services

Decades of collective experience doing cybersecurity. And of course working out of the box and solving problems…

White Collar

  • Testify as an expert witness in criminal proceedings concerning the seizure of digital wallets that contain bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. 
  • Assist legal counsel in translating complex evidence into simple messages and demonstratives for the jury. 
Expert Witness
Expert Witness

Digital Banking

  • Serve as an expert witness to assist lawyers on various cases, from lending disputes with a bank customer to major conflicts involving banking management. 
  • Serve as experts in contractual disputesin which involved parties interpret the contents of a document differently or involve actions taken by clients or lenders that frequently are seen by regulators as detrimental to one specific aspect related to digital banking.  
  • Author official expert reports and opinions concerning how data is related to the movement of cryptocurrency and its authenticity. 
  • Testify and offer expert reports in a range of digital banking topics, including mobile wallets, mobile deposit, payments, alerts, check image deposit processing, software development projects, loyalty point schemes, and security. 

Cryptocurrency Litigation

  • Testify on cryptocurrency ownership using the sufficiency of cryptographic private keys, public records, and other factors that establish ownership of cryptocurrency or another digital asset on a blockchain. 
  • Work with lawyers to detail what cryptocurrency is and how it affects the impacted party on all types of disputes, including the following: embezzlement and misappropriation of funds (whether by suspect ICOs, VCs, etc.); intellectual property litigation, which sometimes involves the use of patented or private blockchains or blockchain technology; cryptocurrency thefts and hacking; ransomware cases. 
  • Consult and testify for parties concerning specific cryptocurrency transactions and tokens––including explaining what they are and how they work online. 
  • Consult and testify as an expert witness on behalf of a class of affected investors involving cryptocurrency (e.g., NFC, bitcoin, Decentralized Finance, ICOs, etc.)  
Expert Witness

KYC/AML Compliance Expert Witness

  • Testify on KYC/AML compliance measures taken at each point of the funds journey by clients and third parties, including exchanges and OTC traders. 
  • Provide legal and technical expert opinions and scrutinize cryptocurrency transactions between various parties with forensic detail in a wide range of disputes. 
Expert Witness

Case Studies by Industry

Industry/Sector: Wealth Management 

Type of Engagement: Expert witness 

Description: Served as an expert witness on behalf of a family office to testify about how an executive in the family office set up various cryptocurrency accounts in different names using stolen identitiesdeposited Bitcoin into each, and then transferred funds to other accounts.  

47+ Disputes

retained as an expert witness or consultant

97+ Classes taught

to lawyers and judges on cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies

55+ Years

of testifying experience on complex topics