About Our Chief Security Officer and Chief Risk Officer Advisory Services

Our digital banking practice offers CSO and CRO advisory services powered by a team of experienced CISOs and CROs executives, security, risk, and technology teams. Our team members have an extensive background in creating actionable plans to safeguard information assets while supporting business operations to reduce cybersecurity and business risk and enhance the overall security posture.  

Our experts offer fulltime, interim, and virtual (dedicated) trusted advisors to serve in the CISO, CSO, and CRO roles. As your security partner, we provide critical thinking as security strategists while effectively managing the plethora of technology solutions and vendors seeking your business. 

Our Services

Develop Cybersecurity Strategy

  • Help CISOs develop a cybersecurity culture that fosters the right company culture surrounding security. 
  • Create an information security and risk management (ISRM) strategy that provides a road map for information and infrastructure protection that aligns with the organizations business goals and risk profile.  
  • Work with the Executive Management Team and the Board of Directors to understand and consider the strategic business implications of cybersecurity.
CSO and CRO Advisory
CSO and CRO Advisory

Evaluate the Risk Management Strategy

  • Generate an enterprise-wide risk management strategy that includes the procedures and methodologies necessary for the risk team to perform risk assessment, risk response, and risk monitoring activities. 
  • Collaborate with clients to determine and communicate risk tolerance by looking at risk management components on all levels of leadership and the Board of Directors. 
CSO and CRO Advisory

Enterprise Security and Risk Assessments

  • Conduct independent third-party risk assessments on behalf of large and small financial institutions in a manner that identifies issues and gaps in the existing controls and systems used to manage risks. 
  • Perform an independent enterprise risk and security assessment of an organization’s existing digital banking program and report the Board of Directors’ assessment findings.  
  • Work with internal and external audit teams to review the institutions current enterprise risk evaluations and risk management protocols.

Incident and Crisis Management

  • Work with clients looking to stay ahead of the curve by engaging executive leadership to improve internal reporting and escalation processes, develop effective training programs, and review existing technological solutions. 
  • Engage with senior management to assess their readiness in managing a cybersecurity incident by reviewing existing incident response plans (IRPs), business continuity plans (BCPs), and other internal protocols and procedures. Validate that an organization can react effectively, reasonably, and in a legally defensible position. 
  • Review and update existing incident response plans against industry best practices; develop and update existing SOPs, processes, and controls to account for the incident response plan per industry and organizational mandates. 

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