About Our Blockchain Practice

Our blockchain practice specializes in blockchain forensics, data science, and tracking financial transactions. We work with companies, law enforcement, regulators, financial institutions, law firms, and companies dealing with high-stakes matters requiring advanced blockchain expertise. Our experts work with and support clients investigating cybersecurity breaches, stolen funds, or other complex blockchain-driven issues. 

Our team members regularly work with companies to audit and review smart contracts and assist financial institutions, governments, and individuals in tracking and interpreting cryptocurrency assets’ flow on blockchains across various cryptocurrency platformsThe Blockchain Practice team has multiple experts recognized as thought leaders in their field and Certified Blockchain Developers by the EC-Council.

Our Services

Decades of collective experience doing cybersecurity. And of course working out of the box and solving problems…

Blockchain Training

  • Work with companies and individuals to learn the basics of blockchain and teach them how and buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrency and monitor investments. 
  • Train individuals and companies using world-class experts on crypto exchanges, online wallets, hardware wallets, and cold storage, and provide insights regarding different coins, blockchains, tokens/ICOs, and other real-life applications. 
blockchain forensics

Blockchain Forensics

  • Analyze and document complex blockchain transactions in expert reports used by legal counsel to assist in internal and external investigations and regulatory responses.  
  • Work with compliance and information security teams to trace transactions through the blockchain ecosystem, understand relationships between transaction patterns, and generate real-time risk predictions.

Smart Contract Code Review

  • Review smart contract source code to validate that it reflects the initially agreed-upon transaction terms.   
  • Perform rigorous independent audits of organizations’ smart contract(s). 
  • Provide companies and individuals with detailed documentation of our analysisincluding providing an outline of potential problems, recommendations to increase security, and an analysis of the contract iterations. 

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