team works with law firms, government agencies, and companies to provide data mapping and acquisition services all over the globe.

Mapping and acquiring data is critical to ensure the data acquisition phase of e-discovery does not cost to much or take to long or create problems for your case.

When ignored, accumulation of electronic records can snowball to unmanageable quantities, as data cannot simply be filed away or discarded. Even though electronic data may not take up physical space, the burden of disorganized and mismanaged records can be proven to be incredibly weighty on a company. Our professionals have carried out e-discovery collections and analysis throughout the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. We bring the highest U.S. standards of data acquisition and have testified in court all over the United States, at both the federal and state level.

Failure to mapping where data exists within an organization slows down progress or causes tremendous time and cost burdens when it is necessary to produce data. Our consultants, having witnessed organizations falter under e-discovery requests in court and are uniquely positioned to assist companies and firms in mapping data systems and acquiring data in a legally defensible fashion.

Unlike most e-discovery firms, which charge by the amount of data collected, processed, or hosted, we only charge for the time we work. Frequently, we advise clients on Early Case Assessment, preparing defensible alternatives to over-burdensome collection requests, cost-shifting, and spoliation analysis. Our experienced team has performed professional collections from all data sources, including mobile devices, tablets, non-Windows and legacy systems (e.g., Mac, Linux/ Unix, virtual machines). Law & Forensics has carried out collections internationally and performed 100’s of remote and logical acquisitions.

All of our acquisitions are carried out in accordance with Federal Search and Seizure Guidelines. Some representative work:

  • Saved client $5 million dollars annually by developing an efficient, cost-effective process to preserve, collect, process, cull, host, review, and produce the relevant information for specific litigation support needs as well as for enterprise-wide discovery solutions. (Click to read more sample engagements)
  • Assisted counsel in preserving 1200 machines in 12 countries, managed multiple work streams to meet deadlines relating to the preservation, collection, processing, review, and production of data for a legal dispute and forensic investigation. (Click to read more sample engagements)
  • Saved client over 10 million dollars by advising on e-discovery strategy. This strategy involved targeting and analyzing information in an effort to reduce the data requiring review. This strategy substantially reduced the cost of additional e-discovery efforts. (Click to read more sample engagements)