Daniel Garrie Instructs 7th Circuit’s

Daniel Garrie Instructs 7th Circuit’s Pilot e-Mediation Program

May 14, 2013

Law & Forensics is pleased to announce that Daniel Garrie, Senior Managing Partner and Founder of Law & Forensics, was recently selected to serve as an instructor for the 7th Circuit E-Mediation Pilot Program. This program is the first of its kind in the country, training mediators to facilitate swifter and more economical deliberations over discovery disputes involving electronically stored information.

For this program the 18 participants were selected from across the country, who also have extensive experience with e-discovery and technology. Daniel Garrie, along with Judge Nan Nolan (Ret.), taught this select group of attorneys how to best apply their legal and technical backgrounds to assist in mediating disputes for civil cases whose remedies are less than $50,000.

The 8-hour course covered mediation techniques, managing clients, and addressing technical issues and potential pitfalls. In return for this training, the mediators agreed to volunteer their time for cases with heavy discovery loads, but comparatively small monetary returns. As more and more ESI is produced by litigants, even smaller contract disputes can come with an expensive e-discovery price tag. This program aims to assist the courts and the parties with discovery in order to re-focus attention back on the real issues of the case.

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