Daniel Garrie cited in US v. Briggs,

Daniel Garrie cited in  US v. Briggs,

Daniel Garrie, a thought leader in the burgeoning field of eDiscovery, and Senior Managing Partner and General Counsel at FSRDG, was cited for his pioneering authorship around criminal eDiscovery in the opinion for US v. Briggs, published on September 8, 2011.

In the opinion, the judge acknowledges the absence of a standard criminal eDiscovery rule which adequately accounts for differences in the amount and types of electronically stored information from civil cases. He cites Mr. Garrie’s recent article, “eDiscovery in Criminal Cases: A Need for Specific Rules,“ published in the Suffolk University Law Review, to support his claim that the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure (FRCP) must be updated to account for the strain eDiscovery puts on criminal cases.