About Our Cybersecurity Board-Level Consulting Practice

Law and Forensics Cybersecurity Board Level Consulting practice has decades of experience educating and training Board members of public companies, private corporations, and non-profits alike on cybersecurity. We have worked to educate and train Board Members at both large and small institutions on strategies for executing oversight and implementation of a sound cybersecurity program.

Our work includes establishing global guidance and direction of establishing the right culture related to cybersecurity, driving policy and strategy, creating and/or defining a global risk profile, and working with company executives to prioritize and develop cyber programs. Our experience has shown that training and educating board members on cybersecurity issues at any company is a challenge because of the very little time, which is why Law & Forensics has created proven cyber education that is simple, short, and conducted on an annual or semi-annual basis for board members.

Our Services

100s of years of collective experience doing cybersecurity. And of course working out of the box and solving problems…

Cybersecurity Board Member Training

  • Deliver, create, and update training materials and classes for board members that focus on enabling the board members to be effective in managing, building, and addressing cybersecurity risks.
  • Create training materials for boards that assist board members in asking the right questions of an organization’s senior leadership in audit, compliance, risk, and information security specific to cybersecurity risk.
  • Working with board members to develop criteria to assess an organization’s governance program and policies with respect to cybersecurity risk.

Independent Cybersecurity Program Evaluation

  • Perform an independent assessment of an organization’s existing cybersecurity program and report the findings of the assessment to the Board of Directors. Efforts include interviewing cybersecurity leadership, evaluating cybersecurity controls and procedures, ascertaining risk and quantification models used in relation to cyber, authoring a report for the Board of Directors, and presenting the findings to the Board of Directors and appropriate committees.

In-boardroom Cybersecurity Briefings

  • Provide general and customized boardroom briefings for board, audit, and cybersecurity committees on all aspects of cybersecurity including: managing strategy and risk, evaluating the performance of the executive team and CISO in relation to cybersecurity program, and mechanisms to determine the effectiveness of an organization’s cybersecurity program and ascertain the associated risk models.

On-Boarding Cybersecurity Training for New Board Members

  • Create a custom program to work with a company to develop the director’s onboarding needs including materials.
  • Deliver personalized briefings and presentations appropriate to the director’s committee assignments and board experience around cybersecurity.
  • Working with specific directors to develop a fundamental understanding of the specific industry risks confronting that particular company.

Case Studies by Industry

Industry/Sector: Healthcare

Type of Case: Cybersecurity Board Member Training

Description: Retained by the board of a large private company in the healthcare sector to work with outside counsel and consultants to spearhead the creation of a cybersecurity program for the board. Efforts included:

    • Evaluating the existing cybersecurity program.
    • Identifying gaps in the existing curriculum.
    • Reviewing and validating that the training covered various federal and state regulations.
    • Creating new cybersecurity materials with outside counsel sufficiently detailed to demonstrate that the board was making a good faith effort to address cybersecurity.
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Cybersecurity Board-Level Consulting Practice Edge


Advised and consulted both private and public company Boards, Committees, and Board Members on a wide range of cybersecurity issues. Our Cybersecurity Board-Level practice has cybersecurity subject matter experts that can address any issue from a legal, risk, and technical perspective, and includes individuals who are active board members themselves.

Competitive fees

Our fees structure is competitive, we offer clients success based, hourly and/or fixed fee arrangements while ensuring that each engagement is spearheaded by a knowledgeable and experienced senior team member of our team.


Our cybersecurity board team consists of world class experts who have consulted and presented to hundreds of different public and private boards and organizations on cybersecurity issues. Our evaluations of cybersecurity programs and CISOs have yielded positive results and provided regulators with proof of the importance the Board places on maintaining robust cybersecurity and privacy protections and procedures.

Quality Control

We deliver prompt solutions and thoughtful recommendations that rigorously meet or exceed industry best practices and meet the needs of our clients.