About Our Cybersecurity Expert Witness Practice

Our Cybersecurity Expert team has been involved in hundreds of arbitrations, criminal and civil cases, regulatory inquiries, and military proceedings. Our Cybersecurity Experts are prominent leaders in the field of Cybersecurity having offered expert reports and testimony in some of the largest and most contested disputes in the United States. Our Cybersecurity Expert practice is unique in that each engagement is led by an experienced and battle-tested Cybersecurity Expert team specializing in connecting the dots for judges, arbitrators, and regulators. Rest assured, if your case sees its day in court, our Cybersecurity Experts are the folks you want by your side as we are ready to stand up to intense technical scrutiny and the most grueling of cross-examinations.

Our Cybersecurity Expert team not only has experience testifying, but also conduct Assessments and handle Incident Response. Our Cybersecurity Expert team works closely with outside and in-house counsel at small and big companies all over the globe, often solving problems where other organizations fall short. Our team members have taught thousands of lawyers and judges all over the globe, written dozens of articles and books on the topic. The Cybersecurity Expert team members also are also involved in the Journal of Law & Cyberwarfare and the Legal Cyber Academy.

Our Services

100s of years of collective experience doing cybersecurity work. And of course working out of the box and solving problems…

Affidavits and Expert Reports

  • Author expert reports on a wide range of Cybersecurity issues including: Cyber-attacks, Data Breaches, and Cybersecurity Best Practices.
  • Collaborate with lawyers to draft declarations, affidavits, and reports relating to complex computer issues used in civil and criminal cases, arbitrations, and administrative hearings.
Cybersecurity Expert
Cybersecurity Expert

Depositions and Trial Testimony

  • Serve as an expert witness for depositions on a wide range of Cybersecurity topics in state and federal court, in bench and jury trials, presenting complex Cybersecurity concepts in a digestible and understandable fashion.
  • Testify in civil and criminal state and federal court regarding Cybersecurity practices, strategies, and protocols.
  • Collaborate with counsel on the taking and defending of depositions, reviewing, and challenging the testimony of others, and preparing and implementing an overall Cybersecurity strategy.
  • Assist attorneys and clients by testifying on their behalf as a 30(b)(6) or PMK, allowing our credentials to strengthen a client’s case in the eyes of a judge or jury.

Case Studies by Industry

Industry/Sector: Insurance Services

Type of Case: Incident Response to Data Breach

Description: Hired by a national insurance brokerage firm to create an incident response plans to manage a cyber security incident so it limits damage, increases the confidence of external stakeholders, and reduces recovery time and costs. Same company hired our team to respond to a cyber incident; efforts included:

    • Investigating, preparing an expert report used to evaluate economic impact and damage of a data breach for insurance report that resulted in a positive outcome for the client.
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