About Our Automotive Industry Experience

Law & Forensics cybersecurity practice in the automotive industry provides Tier 1 suppliers with in-depth security testing and analysis. Managing cybersecurity risks in the automotive sector is getting more difficult as vehicles progress to an autonomous world. As a result, assuring systems have been tested and hardened against hacking vulnerabilities is more crucial than ever for OEMs and vehicle part manufacturers. 

Our experts are skilled at assessing security controls within automotive-specific security standards, frameworks, laws, and policies. Conducting a thorough analysis of various embedded security tools and processes specific to automotive technology. Analyzing data flow surrounding personal information stored in systems as it merges with the evolving technology of vehicles.

Our Services

Decades of collective experience doing cybersecurity. And of course working out of the box and solving problems…

Security Assessment

  • Work with clients to identify the flow of data through the vehicle network and establish known cybersecurity threats. 
  • Work with Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs to secure the supply chain. 
  • Conduct assessment of the privacy and cybersecurity threats specific to vehicles according to OEMs policies, state, federal, and regulatory laws and frameworks. 


Automotive Industry
Automotive Industry

Security Control Baselines

  • Serve as an independent third party to assess OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers internal incident response plans, controls, protocols, etc., against industry standards. 
  • Work with legal, audit, information security, and information technology stakeholders and staff to identify any gaps in existing cybersecurity and privacy controls and policies and assist companies in addressing gaps.  
  • Identify potential cybersecurity and privacy risks concerning automotive technologies and work with the engineering teams to address these issues/risks.  

Tabletop Testing

  • Create and develop robust tabletops to test automotive companies’ cybersecurity controls and processes and also specific tabletop scenarios for vehicles. 
  • Work with organizations to identify gaps and issues identified in the tabletop and work with the client to address these gaps.  
  • Present results of tabletops to senior leadership and board members to demonstrate the current state of the cybersecurity program.
Automotive Industry

Case Studies by Industry

Industry/Sector: Automobile Supplier: Tire Mounting

Type of Service: Incident Response to Data Breach

Description: Hired at the direction of general counsel to remediate a cyber incident. Efforts included:

  • Utilized Forensic Scan, Law & Forensics patented cutting-edge cyber security incident response tools, to analyze devices in half the time of industry norms. 
  • Analyzed complex logs provided from hundreds of endpoints. 
  • Remediated and restored the infected devices on time and under budget.