Data breaches: It is a matter of when, not if, your organization is hacked. When a company suffers a data breach, no matter the size, an initial wave of panic spreads throughout. How much data is missing? What data is gone? How was the system infiltrated? These are just some of the questions asked by top executives that Law and Forensics (“L&F”) has a track record of answering quickly, and delivering solutions.

We deal with hundreds of cyber attacks and data breaches of all varieties.  We remain poised in the high-pressure atmosphere of a live attack.

  • Breach Analysis
    Utilize cutting edge patent pending software and hardware
    Examine and investigate the manner through which the cyber hacker gained access to the system using commercially available tools and our patent pending platform in a fraction of the time it takes other vendors in the marketplace today.
  • Incident Response
    Work with law enforcement all over the globe in countless investigations
    Investigate cyber incidents and data breaches to determine method of entry, damage done, and attributes of the hack. L&F uses cutting edge technology to identify the actions of the hacker, the scope of the compromise, the data loss, and the steps required to respond to the incident and secure a company’s systems.
  • Cyber Playbook
    Create playbooks for numerous large organizations’ boards of directors
    Create a cyber security playbook to manage incidents in a way that limits damage, increases confidence of external stakeholders, and reduces recovery time and costs.
  • Malware Threat Detection
    Faster and more comprehensive threat detection at lower costs
    Conduct rapid and accurate analysis of malware to identify changes in infected systems using industry tools and our patent pending platform. Our platform allows clients to react to attacks and stay ahead of the attacker through machine learning and statistical modeling.

Case Studies:

Problem: Security breach required remediation.

Solution: L&F repaired the breach and created a cybersecurity playbook for the company to deploy in dealing with future cyber incidents. Our team located a cluster of compromised devices on the client’s 10,000+ device network to remediate the security breach issues. The playbook saved the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal and technical consulting fees within six months of being deployed.

All of Law & Forensics’ work reflects the highest ethical standards, no matter the scope of the task at hand. We consistently find new ways to serve our clients, and justice, better.